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coin sorting based on shiny or not [2]
Peter, Yes, this is possible. There may be a limitation on what types of coins you can process sinc...
4 years 2 734
Egg counting [2]
Turgut, While its not too difficult to count the eggs in a single image, on a moving conveyor that ...
3 years 2 734
Serial communication from colour filter [2]
Kris, Can you post a image of what you would expect to see from the camera?
6 years 2 735
versions [2]
The latest version has VERSION and ROBO_PATH, ROBO_FILENAME and ROBO_LABEL variables added. STeven....
4 years 3 735
One last bug for today ;-) [2]
Thomas, The error was not actually related to the Python module itself, but the display of the arra...
5 years 3 736
Unable to Add RoboRealm.dll to C# project [2]
JHao, You don't add the dll to the project like you would in C++. Instead, you need to use it via t...
2 years 2 736
winte into the roborealm virtual device [4]
Martin, That's good. Now all you need to do is to enable the VCam using the Options button->Vcam...
3 years 10 737
winte into the roborealm virtual device [10]
Martin, No, it would not work over telnet but instead you could specify a shared folder or somethin...
3 years 10 737
winte into the roborealm virtual device [8]
Martin, Yes, this is possible. You can start RR using roborealm.exe -...
3 years 10 737
Lego NXT module - where has it gone? [2]
Col, I think you downloaded the 64 bit version which cannot work with the NXT drivers. Please downl...
4 years 3 737
winte into the roborealm virtual device [2]
Martin, Once you have the IP camera viewable within RoboRealm, all you need to do is to enable the ...
3 years 10 737
Creating an output [2]
Kris, Start with building a test environment (can be approximate), get both balls and simulate what...
6 years 2 737
winte into the roborealm virtual device [6]
Martin, Yes, that configuration looks fine. Are you seeing the image now using WebRTC?
3 years 10 737
Distributor Client Cancel Bug [2]
Agreed, that is annoying! This has just been fixed in 2.50.41. STeven....
6 years 2 737
Permanent Crash reports [2]
Thanks, those issues should be removed. We had added some additional overzealous crash reporting to attempt to catch some of the...
5 years 3 737
circle position [2]
If you look at the other items in that dropdown they are all variables ... thus that control expects to see a variable and NOT s...
5 years 2 738
Network Tables [3]
Matt, If you've not already update RR to the latest version as a lot of NT change were made in the...
6 years 2 738
Problem with getting my pipe program to work [2]
Perhaps you missed this page ...
6 years 2 740
TRENDnet TV-IP672WI [3]
Doug & others, As mentioned in my email, you have a couple options: 1....
6 years 2 740
second tab issues [2]
Thanks for the test file. This should be fixed in v2.56.9. STeven....
6 years 2 740

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