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Nubotics wheel commander Board [10]
Ok, the module has been updated with separate set and get variables which should help to simplify that interface. ...
5 years 15 1468
Socket Server [2]
Wongfeirang, Go ahead and download the latest version. We tested a couple other UDP tools and found...
3 years 15 1487
motor speed or tracking speed. [4]
Do you see the FPS number increase as seen in the lower status line in the main RR GUI? There is no...
5 years 15 1635
WaitVariable - how to use it [7]
Kresimir, If you continue to use the GetVariables (plural) you may need to specify a specific eleme...
3 years 15 1297
Barcode decode anomaly [15]
Pete, Thanks for the test. The Genicam module was not paying attention to variables changing. This ...
4 years 15 1626
motor speed or tracking speed. [12]
Sam, reviewing the manual I think there are a couple things you can do ... I suggest you become ve...
5 years 15 1635
WaitVariable - how to use it [6]
Kresimir, We'll check to see if there is an issue with GetProgram but that is probably not what you...
3 years 15 1297
Output from RR [13]
The saved image I have called her "template." No, call her "Left_Click"
5 years 15 1111
Socket Server [11]
Wongfeirang, Thanks for the screenshots. That helped direct us to the appropriate area. I had thoug...
3 years 15 1487
Barcode decode anomaly [5]
Pete, We've completed our tweaking of the Barcode module specific to the DataMatrix code. Currentl...
4 years 15 1626
Barcode decode anomaly [12]
Pete, On the exposure, what you can do is enter [my_variable] with brackets into the exposure text ...
4 years 15 1626
WaitVariable - how to use it [12]
Kresimir, It should be all done in a single pass unless there is a tracking option enabled.
3 years 15 1297
Nubotics wheel commander Board [7]
Please download the latest version. We've upgraded our WC to the latest firmware and found a couple problems which have been fi...
5 years 15 1468
motor speed or tracking speed. [10]
Sam, Can you start with a clean pipeline (press New) and then check the fps. It should be about wha...
5 years 15 1635
Barcode decode anomaly [3]
Pete, thanks for the images and the robofiles. That will give us something to work with.
4 years 15 1626
Barcode decode anomaly [8]
Pete, As mentioned, one image is never enough to determine a correct solution. As you have found ou...
4 years 15 1626
WaitVariable - how to use it [14]
Would you be able to post the robofile, template image (the image you are search for) and test image (the image you are searchin...
3 years 15 1297
Socket Server [8]
We're having problems replicating your issue. If you try the following python script on another machine do you see the same beha...
3 years 15 1487
Socket Server [9]
Were you able to replicate our results? Did you find any additional configuration that could be done to the PIC ethernet module ...
3 years 15 1487
Nubotics wheel commander Board [4]
Lizardboy, We've update the module to save the serial and baud information but have not yet had a ...
5 years 15 1468

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