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Watchdog for Roborealm [2]
Jaheer, It depends mainly on the hardware. If there are error messages that come back then the modu...
3 years 2 681
VBscript error [2]
We used to have this issue in older Windows systems that did not have the VBScript component downloaded. You can try to download...
3 years 2 685
write variables csv format [2]
Pat, I don't have Excel handy (we use OpenOffice which asks what delimiters are used) but have you ...
3 years 2 686
Net Framework Data Provider [2]
Lev, That module uses the SQLDriverConnect Function provided by Microsoft documented at
3 years 2 686
openni2 module missing [2]
Dave, Its been corrected in later versions but the empty popup message typically indicated missing ...
4 years 3 687
Stereo Sound [3]
While RoboRealm does not do much with audio, it is possible to generate two files with audio on the left or right speaker (you'...
6 years 2 688
line profile [2]
For modules that don't have drop down variables you can always use the [variable] format to automate that particular value. In f...
4 years 2 690
Leddar [2]
Dave, They appear to offer a SDK with .Net and C libraries so it should be quite straightforward. C...
4 years 2 690
Center of gravity [4]
1. The COG_X accumulates a value after each pixel is processed. If you are not familiar with programming languages that would ex...
2 years 4 693
Servo controller [2]
Yes, that should work fine. What happens with USB connections is that they look  like serial connections and the proto...
3 years 2 695
serial communoication [2]
Hi, You will not be able to user the serial module to grab that much information ... or at least no...
4 years 2 695
Running more than one instance of roborealm [5]
Yes, that's correct. You would only have one 'buffered' set of images because the storage is in the file that has yet to be read...
2 years 6 696
Running more than one instance of roborealm [2]
Tim, Yes, if the path variable is changed before being completely done with the processing that wil...
2 years 6 696
Keeping Track of a Maximum Value [2]
Allen, Its probably more like: if GetVariable("SCRIPT_COUNT") = 0 th...
6 years 3 697
How to use Moment Statistics [3]
Alan, Check the links at the bottom of ...
6 years 2 698
fracture detection [2]
I'm not sure exactly what you are asking for. Perhaps you can supply an image that illustrates what you are trying to detect? <...
5 years 2 698
How to get the fiducial border [2]
Yes, have a look at the bottom of ...
6 years 3 699
merge variables [2]
Martin, You may have better luck trying the CScript module as VBScript does not have really easy bi...
6 years 2 699
FRC unused licenses mess [2]
Yes, proceed to ...
3 years 2 701
Camera Support [4]
Its tough to know without spending several hours deciphering the code to see if it will work. If you are willing to pay for that...
3 years 6 703

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