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Select Excel Raneg and Perform Formatting functions [3]
I think you may have posted in the wrong website ... perhaps posting something on the MSDN site is a better way to go.
7 years 2 945
Regarding Vcam [2]
You do this indirectly. First by getting the RTSP module to capture the right image. Once you see the image in the main RR GUI y...
3 years 2 945
Navigation Plugin does not stay in .ROBO file [2]
Justin, Its most likely due to the change from being charged to being free which has confused the s...
3 years 3 946
Problem with getting my pipe program to work [2]
Perhaps you missed this page ...
7 years 2 947
Perspective projection module in roborealm [2]
Vince, Taking a step back, are you asking for a technique to determine the correct path in an image...
7 years 3 947
line angle limit [3]
Dawson, Correct, there was a problem with the connection distance. This has been fixed in the most ...
7 years 4 947
Full screen mode [2]
Sam, Do you have other monitors connected? Its also possible that som...
6 years 2 948
saving versus opening [2]
Roland, In v.2.56.9 both of these interfaces have been consolidated to show both image files and ro...
7 years 2 948
Printing [2]
Yup, either of those would probably work. As you discovered there is no printing capability at all ...
7 years 3 948
Track 5 Bots [2]
Remo, There are a couple ways to identify objects based on color. Have a look at the second techniq...
3 years 2 949
Multiple clients connected to RoboRealm Server [3]
Paulo, I assume you mean connecting to the API server? The API server is configured to only allow o...
7 years 2 949
One last bug for today ;-) [2]
Thomas, The error was not actually related to the Python module itself, but the display of the arra...
6 years 3 950
Monito, If there is any chance we could look at the VB app you wrote, we can probably create a modu...
7 years 2 950
Low Frame Rate on Playstation Eye [2]
John, There are many reasons for this. First, be sure that you are NOT running anything in the pipe...
6 years 2 951
do i have to put codes ...? [2]
Sam, I assume by cods you mean codes which you actually mean a form of programming languge? If that...
7 years 2 951
Forum bug? [2]
That seems to sometimes happen when the list gets incorrectly updated. Thanks for the tip! STeven....
6 years 3 951
Roborealm Purchase [2]
Append &v=2.77.10 to your download URL (once purchased as this does NO...
5 years 2 952
line profile [2]
It does change the value to zero. You just can't see it in the Watch Variables module since that module will truncate informatio...
5 years 3 953
Line Following sensor [2]
Goupil, The company no longer exists. Some of the folks moved over to cmRobot but I don't think th...
7 years 2 954
loadProgram from Visual Basic [2]
Its likely that the path is not correct ... note that the double \\\\ (which the forum may have added) are C/CSharp syntax so ma...
6 years 2 955

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