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Python 32 bit DLL on Win 7 ia64 [4]
John, Thanks for the tip. The message has been updated to reflect that spelling correction and inst...
7 years 5 2760
Kinect IR 320x240 [6]
Ok, so the known issue with 320x240 is actually with the RGB mode and not the IR mode. We tried what you describe in your first ...
7 years 6 2728
Kinect IR 320x240 [5]
We'll double check things tonight as I know there were issues in the past with that res on the IR camera.
7 years 6 2728
Kinect IR 320x240 [3]
Yes, there are several better ways to move images around than using remote desktop. It depends on what you want to do with the i...
7 years 6 2728
Kinect IR 320x240 [7]
One additional point, try JUST the 320x240 IR image without the RGB. We've seen quite a few folks keep the RGB and IR image tog...
7 years 6 2728
PTZ Foscam Object/ Motion tracking. [2]
D, Based on your image, you will see the VBScript module has relevant code in it to translate a joy...
5 years 3 2715
Fiducial Orientation. [4]
Daniel, Thanks for the source images. Turns out there was a problem with the size of the images. Be...
7 years 5 2624
Fiducial Orientation. [2]
Daniel, Could you include a couple of the same images but without any text/green outline? Your imag...
7 years 5 2624
RTSP video image in RoboRealm [5]
Richi, Thanks for the detailed help. Interesting in that the port they...
7 years 5 2589
Md49 integration and linux [2]
Zippo, As mentioned via email, a test MD49 controller is now present and worth testing. Also for th...
7 years 2 2589
RTSP video image in RoboRealm [2]
According to the  user manual ...
7 years 5 2589
Calculate_distance [3]
You will need to know the pixel to meters factor. I.e. how much distance a pixel represents in the real world. This can be deter...
7 years 4 2581
Calculate_distance [5]
We can't know without access to the physical environment. You would need to actually measure it and use that measurement to cre...
7 years 4 2581
Multi Kinect and Multi Tracking [3]
You could try the OpenNI2 module and the Kinect drivers from Microsoft. That would be the best bet to have 2 run on one machine ...
7 years 6 2563
Multi Kinect and Multi Tracking [5]
Maxime, Its worth testing the latest changes to the OpenNI2 module which you can now select which s...
7 years 6 2563
set intensity of Kinect-IR-Projector [3]
Liu, If you are seeing the Kinect and have installed the libusb drivers that option will be enabled...
7 years 2 2529
Sparkfun-Arduino servo control not working [4]
Almost, the Red Object tracking will send out 0 to however wide the image is in pixels ... so if your camera happens to be 180 p...
7 years 4 2515
Sparkfun-Arduino servo control not working [2]
David, The best way is to try to simplify the process. Remove everythi...
7 years 4 2515
Lego_NXT module [10]
John, Actually I made more changes than that ... I checked the post and the right robofile is poste...
6 years 32 2505
Lego_NXT module [28]
John, Ok, we have a better handle on the issue. There is an issue with the NXT Send Message block i...
6 years 32 2505

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