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SetImage [11]
Kresimir, Sorry about my previous post ... it was too soon. The DLL had not yet been updated. I hav...
3 years 17 1271
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed [4]
Steve, Sounds good. I'll explain a bit more: The parens in
5 years 17 1895
SetImage [16]
Yes, there was a byte missing in that transmission from the COM object. This has now been corrected too. You can download the mo...
3 years 17 1271
Mach3 [4]
Wolfgang, In order to get the variables from RoboRealm you'd need to open up a socket connection f...
4 years 17 1758
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [5]
Christian, It is recommended not to plug the Axis into the CRio since you should have an onboard ro...
5 years 17 2419
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [11]
Christian, That's what I described above. If you are driving using tank drive using a joystick, th...
5 years 17 2419
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed [2]
Steve, I assume you saw the SPIN code at ...
5 years 17 1895
SetImage [7]
For those working directly with .net bitmaps you can instead use [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Dl...
3 years 17 1271
Basler Camera II [8]
Pete, There are a couple things we can try ... but it would be easiest to test those on the actual ...
4 years 17 2349
Mach3 [10]
Perhaps try that line without '(' and ')' as in rr.Connect "localhost", 6060 <...
4 years 17 1758
SetImage [13]
Kresimir, I think the issue in part was the lack of knowing how many bytes the jpg data actually ta...
3 years 17 1271
Random break time in the pipeline [7]
See if you understand the attached. Note the use of the "Latch" in the object found if statement. This ensures that the contents...
2 years 16 1049
Nubotics wheel commander Board [15]
The most recent version should have fixed the fps slowdown. This was due to a read/write timing issue rather than excessive band...
5 years 15 1440
Output from RR [9]
The name of the recognized object is place in the OBJECT_NAME variable. Thus if you use LEFT_CLICK as the name of the object ins...
5 years 15 1076
Barcode decode anomaly [3]
Pete, thanks for the images and the robofiles. That will give us something to work with.
4 years 15 1586
Barcode decode anomaly [8]
Pete, As mentioned, one image is never enough to determine a correct solution. As you have found ou...
4 years 15 1586
Socket Server [15]
We removed the changes we added when this was first identified as an issue. So the 2 second delay should be removed and back to ...
3 years 15 1452
motor speed or tracking speed. [10]
Sam, Can you start with a clean pipeline (press New) and then check the fps. It should be about wha...
5 years 15 1607
Socket Server [2]
Wongfeirang, Go ahead and download the latest version. We tested a couple other UDP tools and found...
3 years 15 1452
motor speed or tracking speed. [2]
You can try to increase the frequency that you signal the driver ... i.e. how quickly you change the pin values. As RR is based ...
5 years 15 1607

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