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RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed [15]
Steve, No worries, glad we could help resolve those issues. With regar...
5 years 17 1960
Basler Camera II [15]
Pete, The configuration is being received because your system probably allows inbound traffic over ...
4 years 17 2477
Basler Camera II [10]
Pete, I think there might be a conflict with the Balser drivers. Ironically, I was unable to instal...
4 years 17 2477
Mach3 [12]
Oh, well, you'll have to check with Mach3 or someone what knows that system well enough to get those statements to work. We can...
4 years 17 1844
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [5]
Christian, It is recommended not to plug the Axis into the CRio since you should have an onboard ro...
5 years 17 2508
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [11]
Christian, That's what I described above. If you are driving using tank drive using a joystick, th...
5 years 17 2508
SetImage [11]
Kresimir, Sorry about my previous post ... it was too soon. The DLL had not yet been updated. I hav...
3 years 17 1404
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm? [15]
Yup, that should do it. Keep in mind that the scale is a bit different with regards to that. You need to decide what the min and...
5 years 17 2508
SetImage [16]
Yes, there was a byte missing in that transmission from the COM object. This has now been corrected too. You can download the mo...
3 years 17 1404
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed [13]
Steve, So the mailbox 3 issue is caused by the existing example code in the Communicator SPIN file....
5 years 17 1960
Mach3 [4]
Wolfgang, In order to get the variables from RoboRealm you'd need to open up a socket connection f...
4 years 17 1844
Random break time in the pipeline [7]
See if you understand the attached. Note the use of the "Latch" in the object found if statement. This ensures that the contents...
2 years 16 1150
WaitVariable - how to use it [2]
For ease of use (on my side) I've converted your pas to vb so that it can be run on the command line. It shouldn't matter either...
3 years 15 1316
Barcode decode anomaly [5]
Pete, We've completed our tweaking of the Barcode module specific to the DataMatrix code. Currentl...
4 years 15 1646
Barcode decode anomaly [12]
Pete, On the exposure, what you can do is enter [my_variable] with brackets into the exposure text ...
4 years 15 1646
motor speed or tracking speed. [8]
Seems that you do need to increase the pulse frequency. Can you answer my previous question concerning the FPS? <...
5 years 15 1656
motor speed or tracking speed. [15]
Sam, "Does the camera has anything to do with the puls  signal?" - Yes, camera on, you ...
5 years 15 1656
Output from RR [6]
Francesco, If you have #1 working then you can type in the coordinates that the mouse should be at ...
5 years 15 1117
Socket Server [5]
Wongfeirang, Do you notice that sometimes it switches the data and sometimes not? Or does it always...
3 years 15 1500
Barcode decode anomaly [3]
Pete, thanks for the images and the robofiles. That will give us something to work with.
4 years 15 1646

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