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Identifying a Pet [2]
Brian, You'd be at it forever to identify specific animals. A shortcut would be to see that someth...
4 years 2 1147
cScript [2]
I'm assuming you are using the Path_Planning module, as one of the outputs you have PLAN_ORIENTATION which is the direction/angl...
3 years 2 768
Distance from camera using Kinect depth sensor [2]
Assuming you have the Kinect running, you would use the output of the red color detection to mask that area in the depth image. ...
4 years 2 1186
Image Matching [2]
Bob, Ideally the image path is only set very infrequently. Its not a parameter that should be chang...
2 years 2 722
RobotC [2]
Brandon, This should be possible. What you will have to find out is what robotC has in terms of ser...
4 years 2 1427
use the roborealm to read DataMatrix [2]
Dong, Thanks for your note. We are currently working on getting the datamatrix barcode integrated i...
4 years 2 1017
cScript [2]
Fernando, This can be done in the cscript module (or VBScript or Python or Jscript modules). You wo...
3 years 2 791
the magic behind Fiducial [2]
There are many different ways to do that. If you are interested in the behinds the scenes way, take a look at the ARTookit
5 years 2 1280
AVM Navigator [2]
Mal, 64 bit apps are not able to load 32 bit dlls. 32 bit apps are not able to load 64 bit dlls. So...
2 years 2 580
Integer value in Windows-32 [2]
Kresimir, That is correct that a 32 bit number will turn negative as it approaches the 32 bit limit...
3 years 2 1000
Full screen mode [2]
Sam, Do you have other monitors connected? Its also possible that som...
4 years 2 706
Webcam suggestions [2]
Sam, We've actually created a mounting system for that camera (and its successor) that was initiall...
3 years 2 677
Get distance of multiple Fiducials [2]
MichaŽl, When you now select the "create array" checkbox it will also create an array for each pr...
4 years 2 1231
Crash report on startup [2]
Pete, That's most likely caused by the crash file not being able to be deleted for some reason. Yo...
4 years 2 749
FRC Nettables [2]
Sandy, There can be many possibilities with network that cause this. Its possible that a firewall o...
2 years 2 1131
X, Y List variable [2]
Lev, The X,Y list should be coordinates of a grid/checkboard that you have already processed in som...
2 years 2 772
Reload image [2]
Seem to be working now. Since you are using the root of the D drive, it may not have worked since if you don't have write access...
2 years 2 878
Variable control for sobel edge detection [3]
Dawson, You can probably use the normalization module after the low setting sobel to get the values...
5 years 2 823
Blob filter explanation [2]
Some of the filter will allow for more than one object to be worked on. See the Overlaps, Furthest, Nearest and Join which use o...
4 years 2 1225
Servo control with arduino Uno through roborealm [2]
Seems like things are working due to the light blinking ... did you connect power to the board to power the servos? I..e do you ...
3 years 2 1309

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