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Training object background [4]
Thank you for answering. I attach the whole scene and two training images: one with original background and one wi...
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Training object background [6]
Thank you for your suggestions. Still I think that object recognition techniques need some improvement (if it is possible). Even...
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Loading file response [3]
BTW I found a little mistake in C# example. In RR_API.saveImage() method <source> element is used instead of <name>....
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Bag recognition [2]
Hello I need to detect various object coming into restricted area. One kind of objects in this area are bags (obje...
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Loading file response [2]
Hello I am trying to load .robo file using RoboRealm Server API. I am using C# program example downloaded from you...
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Training object background [2]
Hello I found this sentence in documentation: "Note, it is always best just to include the object to be identifie...
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