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marble maze [4]
just used a ssc 32 controller? what about a servo driver?? we need it or not...
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marble maze [7]
can i used arduino uno as a microcontroller? replace ssc 32.....
5 years 7 1619
marble maze [2]
i want to try to build my own marble maze such as in tutorial. but i don't know how to connect the servo motor to controller. c...
6 years 2 701
marble maze [2]
i have visit teletoyland web. i have no problem with mechanical part because all the instruction are given. But i cannot identif...
6 years 2 725
marble maze [2]
question. in this tutorial of marble maze. what are the type of servo motor is used? ...
5 years 7 1619
roborealm error
I have download the marble maze robofile.  But when I open it the error pop up appear. Any suggestion to...
5 years 2 748

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