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Setting arduino variables [6]
Hi Steven - I have now worked out why I am having so many problems!! If you look at my thread on Sp...
6 years 8 2417
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [5]
Ah well, if you want a way to link RR directly via that usb interface then you will probably need someone at RR to design you a ...
6 years 8 2848
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [3]
Hi CJ, I used one of these in a project a while ago with our Spykee robot. We got ours from Jaycar ...
6 years 8 2848
Setting arduino variables [4]
Ahh... now I get it. I was trying to set the Arduino module min/max to something that would suit the servo. I should have been d...
6 years 8 2417
Setting arduino variables [2]
I still think I must be missing something very basic here... I couldn't get my Spykee to work, and now I can't make any headwa...
6 years 8 2417
AVM object names [8]
Hi, I noticed in the youtube video that you jiggle the object (your face or the book) slightly duri...
6 years 9 1747
AVM object names [10]
Thanks EDV, I'd been carefully trying to keep it as still as possible! Will take your advice in future. Cheers, <...
6 years 9 1747
Arduiino module problem [2]
I'm trying to do a  basic program where I use the Arduino module to control 2 motors (forward and back) and a tilt on...
6 years 12 2549
Arduiino module problem [8]
Hi Steven. I have tracked down the problem finally. A bit obscure so I thought I'd post it here in...
6 years 12 2549
Arduiino module problem [6]
OK - I've completely dismantled it and started rebuilding step by step, testing as I go. It seems that the problem is something...
6 years 12 2549
Arduiino module problem [5]
Hi Steven, Here's a bit more detail about what's happening. When I restart the computer and open ...
6 years 12 2549
Arduiino module problem [4]
Hi Steven, Sorry, should have mentioned that in the original post. The motors are controlled throug...
6 years 12 2549

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