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Soccer Robot [3]
Great project - thanks for the video. You really have got fine motor control there... very responsive. Look forward to seeing yo...
10 years 2 1478
Spykee example [4]
Thanks for the reply Steven. I've tried running the sample program that is on your site (Erector_Spykee.robo) and also the one ...
10 years 5 2580
Setting arduino variables [4]
Ahh... now I get it. I was trying to set the Arduino module min/max to something that would suit the servo. I should have been d...
10 years 8 3169
Spykee example [6]
There is no setting for a rate variable in the sample program on your web site. However, I have nar...
10 years 5 2580
Setting arduino variables [6]
Hi Steven - I have now worked out why I am having so many problems!! If you look at my thread on Sp...
10 years 8 3169
Setting arduino variables [7]
Here are some screen shots. As you can see, if I set tilt = 79 then the modified variable and available TILT variable both corre...
10 years 8 3169
Setting arduino variables [9]
YAY!! The new version has fixed the problem. Working now for Arduino and Spykee. I'm very relieved... I was starting to think t...
10 years 8 3169
Home Robot Project [6]
Sorry... didn't mean to be anonymous. Previous post was from Alan in Australia!...
10 years 6 2288
Arduino Mega+RoboRealm [3]
Hi Maveric, Not quite clear on what your plans are, but I have done some work with roborealm and an...
10 years 5 3119
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [3]
Hi CJ, I used one of these in a project a while ago with our Spykee robot. We got ours from Jaycar ...
10 years 8 4032
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [5]
Ah well, if you want a way to link RR directly via that usb interface then you will probably need someone at RR to design you a ...
10 years 8 4032
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [7]
Thanks CJ! This is the latest project that I am working on. It uses a mini-computer (eBox 3350MX)&...
10 years 8 4032
OWI-535 Robotic arm Edge [9]
Hi EDV - yes, navigation is one thing that I want to investigate - your videos are very impressive and I'd like to do something...
10 years 8 4032
RoboRealm and wifi [5]
Hi Stan, Another option you might want to consider is to use a compact PC as a sort of robot server...
10 years 7 2646
Display variables - great feature! [3]
Just a follow up to this feature. If you want to see the display variables but don't want them to be cluttering up your image t...
10 years 3 2413
Arduino Mega+RoboRealm [5]
Hi Maveric - when you say you want to pass the values to the PWM pins on the Arduino, do you mean you want the PWM pins to do so...
10 years 5 3119
RoboRealm and wifi [7]
Hi Stan - weight is not an issue. The mini-PC unit I am using is only 277g. There is a picture of my robot on this topic:
10 years 7 2646
The eye-fi [3]
Hi Stan - never heard of this but it looks amazing! I'll be interested in other responses. Man, i...
10 years 3 1588
Arduiino module problem [4]
Hi Steven, Sorry, should have mentioned that in the original post. The motors are controlled throug...
10 years 12 3394
Arduiino module problem [5]
Hi Steven, Here's a bit more detail about what's happening. When I restart the computer and open ...
10 years 12 3394

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