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AVM [8]
Just downloaded and looking forward to using the upgrade, thanks John...
9 years 8 1988
Handshake on serial data [4]
Thank Steven Here is the basic I used to test the web page, RR server and response of the PIC drivi...
9 years 6 1754
Handshake on serial data [5]
Screen shot of what I see in the Serial Module, one with error and one OK Hope it helps
9 years 6 1754
Handshake on serial data [6]
Thanks again Steven, all sorted after a bit of juggling with the RR you sent. Just another point, <...
9 years 6 1754
Using Multiple USB Web Cam in Win XP [3]
Hi, I have used a program called Image Salsa with XP and have used two USB cams with no problem as it allocates an...
8 years 4 2442
Defect Detection of No. Plate [6]
Hi, I have been playing with a system not to far removed from your problem and I have been playing with part of my...
8 years 7 2938
Defect Detection of No. Plate [7]
Sorry I sent you the wrong file, it was an earlier version I was playing with.. Now this is very much near what I ...
8 years 7 2938
Start Pipeline with speech [3]
Part sorted, I enveloped the pipeline within an "if "statement using a robo file you had previously posted...I would have neve...
8 years 3 1878
Reduce amount of Write Image [4]
Hi Rud, Never thought of that, very nice idea. I will give it a try tomorrow, as you ...
8 years 3 1634
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB [3]
I had a eureka moment..I think! Previously the "2" I saw in the Blobs  VB I think must ...
8 years 3 1383
Auto start Write Image on starting of RR [4]
It was me................RR is fine.........:-) Thanks John...
8 years 3 1725
Delete arrghh [4]
Hi Steven, Redo/Undo would be a great boon as most of my button mistakes are done in the wee hours and that is the...
8 years 9 1193
Switch on/off Serial Module [3]
Thanks Steven, I tried what you suggested but used my "COMMAND" as the response as I already use it to control t...
8 years 4 1344
Delete arrghh [9]
Thanks Steven, the back-up, problem solving and RD is fantastic.. Great product!
8 years 9 1193
Cropping problems [3]
Hi Steven, Thanks for your speedy response, much appreciated. I will download the upd...
8 years 3 1867
Roborealm precision? [2]
Sounds great, Ronald Regan comes to mind..:-) To allow for any small delays, why not have the Laser...
7 years 3 1958
Multi email accounts [2]
Just to add, my train of thought was to use multiple Email Modules if If statements, would that be the best optio...
7 years 4 1587
Multi email accounts [4]
Hi Steven, That sounds perfect, the boats do not change so owners are associated with each mooring....
7 years 4 1587
Display Serial Data [3]
Hi Steven, Here is the test .Robo file I am using. The sent data from my pic is sent approx twice pe...
6 years 5 2215
Display Serial Data [5]
Hi Steven, Works perfectly, thanks once again for you quick response, much appreciated.
6 years 5 2215

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