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Handshake on serial data [6]
Thanks again Steven, all sorted after a bit of juggling with the RR you sent. Just another point, <...
9 years 6 1795
Handshake on serial data [5]
Screen shot of what I see in the Serial Module, one with error and one OK Hope it helps
9 years 6 1795
Handshake on serial data [4]
Thank Steven Here is the basic I used to test the web page, RR server and response of the PIC drivi...
9 years 6 1795
Cropping problems [3]
Hi Steven, Thanks for your speedy response, much appreciated. I will download the upd...
8 years 3 1912
Cropping problems
I have just downloaded the Robo update and experiencing some funny effects on the Crop Module. When...
8 years 3 1912
Start Pipeline with speech [2]
I wish to start the RR pipeline when  I say "Start" but not sure of the VB syntax to use that stops the pipeline unt...
8 years 3 1921
Start Pipeline with speech [3]
Part sorted, I enveloped the pipeline within an "if "statement using a robo file you had previously posted...I would have neve...
8 years 3 1921
AVI [2]
I am having a problem using the load avi or save avi modules. I get an error on read that says "Pl...
9 years 2 1976
Roborealm precision? [2]
Sounds great, Ronald Regan comes to mind..:-) To allow for any small delays, why not have the Laser...
7 years 3 2002
AVM [8]
Just downloaded and looking forward to using the upgrade, thanks John...
9 years 8 2037
AVM [5]
Thanks for the very quick response, much appreciated... Really impressed and I hope it may work in ...
9 years 8 2037
AVM [3]
Forgot to add, if an object goes out of view can the recognition box be stopped rather than carried over onto the out of range v...
9 years 8 2037
AVM [2]
Hi, Is it possible to just show the object name only rather than both the object name and highlight box..also can ...
9 years 8 2037
Display Serial Data [5]
Hi Steven, Works perfectly, thanks once again for you quick response, much appreciated.
6 years 5 2289
Display Serial Data [3]
Hi Steven, Here is the test .Robo file I am using. The sent data from my pic is sent approx twice pe...
6 years 5 2289
Display Serial Data
Hi, I have serial data displayed but it flashes on and off at the at the serial data refresh rate. I...
6 years 5 2289
Display data from Pic [7]
Steven thanks for the info, As most of my computation takes place on the Pic which basiacally does the following after being sup...
9 years 6 2353
Display data from Pic [5]
For got to mention that the tracking would be servo tracking trying to keep the sailing boat in mid screen
9 years 6 2353
Display data from Pic [4]
Steven thanks again for your response, Before I go down that path could you enlighten me if the fol...
9 years 6 2353
Display data from Pic [2]
Is it possible to display the data from the Pic. I can see the PIC data I have got it to send in t...
9 years 6 2353

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