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Servo 2500-0 to 180-0 VBscript
I found one of your example camera blob tracking robo files and is very near for my requirements. one problem for ...
2 months 3 154
Servo 2500-0 to 180-0 VBscript [3]
Thanks STeven, Missed that one, exactly what I need. Thanks John...
2 months 3 154
See Variable in View_Variables not correct in VB [2]
In my pipeline I have 2 sections of image  process. On the second process I use the Blob_Filter with the...
5 years 1 595
Speak within an if Statement
Hi, I seem to have a problem with an If statement. When I place Speak within the If statement , no speech is heard...
2 years 2 638
Read Http crash [4]
Hi Steven I was trying to take the stream off Image Salsa run on another computer on the Lan. I can...
6 years 3 651
Read Http crash [2]
I am having problems on the Lan. I select Read Http and which is a mjpeg...
6 years 3 651
Delete arrghh [4]
Hi Steven, Redo/Undo would be a great boon as most of my button mistakes are done in the wee hours and that is the...
5 years 9 727
Delete arrghh [9]
Thanks Steven, the back-up, problem solving and RD is fantastic.. Great product!
5 years 9 727
Blobs [3]
Hi Steven. It is a static cropped area. I can post the RR file here but less the cam link as it is u...
3 years 4 792
Hi Steven, I have a outdoor camera that pans quite a large area and looks for boats at anchor after...
3 years 4 792
Blobs [4]
Hi Steven, I think using "COG area" will achieve my goal, so many paths that I forgot this variable...
3 years 4 792
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [12]
Hi Steven, Well done, all is now working, thanks for your normal speedy response, much appreciated. ...
3 years 12 793
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [10]
Hi Steven, I did as you suggested and ran RR as the Administrator but still exactly the same with the small blue b...
3 years 12 793
Virtual camera shows only Roborealm logo [5]
Hi Steven, I am experiencing the same problem, the installation went OK, I used Amcap and could see your attached ...
3 years 12 793
use one of two cropped windows [3]
Should mention, the variables could be string or numeric which ever is easiest it is is even possible,
6 years 3 863
use one of two cropped windows [2]
hi Steven, Is there a way to choose a cropped window from a choice of two...
6 years 3 863
Switch on/off Serial Module
Hi, I have an very occasional problem that stops my Pic (crash). The cause is unknown but if I can ...
5 years 4 873
Switch on/off Serial Module [3]
Thanks Steven, I tried what you suggested but used my "COMMAND" as the response as I already use it to control t...
5 years 4 873
Multi email accounts [4]
Hi Steven, That sounds perfect, the boats do not change so owners are associated with each mooring....
4 years 4 932
Multi email accounts [2]
Just to add, my train of thought was to use multiple Email Modules if If statements, would that be the best optio...
4 years 4 932

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