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Java Socket Programming with Hough_lines
How do I make sense of the data that I get from the variable HOUGH_LINES in Java? I'm using sockets and I get a 1024 value byte...
11 years 4 2201
Java Socket Programming with Hough_lines [3]
I was using the example Extension, and in the method ProcessVariables or something I added:    &nbs...
11 years 4 2201
Change video dimensions [2]
Is there a way using the roborealm API to change the video dimensions, i.e. the webcam is receiving video at 640x480 and I want ...
10 years 2 1965
Feed a video file into roborealm? [2]
Is there a way to feed a video into roborealm the same way that you can load an image into roborealm? This would be very useful ...
10 years 2 897

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