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Now AVM is working faster [27]
Hi edv, had just bought an external camera hd and as u said i set The resolution To 340x 240. I am slow down te ro...
5 years 117 11619
Now AVM is working faster [55]
Hi edv clarrify regarding the processing: are you referring if my camera has 30 fps then the procrssing of avm and rr has 1/30 s...
5 years 117 11619
Now AVM is working faster [70]
Glad that it is right :) . So the target object at targeted location for markermode is not sufficie...
5 years 117 11619
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released [15]
Hi, i ve registered for demo the roborealm and the link provided only the demo roborealm . Does the avm navigator v7 included...
5 years 18 2725
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released [13]
Hi edv where can i download demo version 7.02 avm navigator, i ve veen looking but i could only find this.
5 years 18 2725
Wireless camera [15]
Thx steven, so basicly i dont need a router. What if i use the router wired to foxcom and place it ...
5 years 13 1624
Wireless camera [13]
Sorry to provide more clarity of my q , as u mentioned previosly, let me quote "if you need the camera connected to the Interne...
5 years 13 1624
Wireless camera [12]
Hi steven Regarding this ip camera. Can u elaborate how to use wireleaa camera w/ o internet. Do i ...
5 years 13 1624
Wireless camera [4]
Is it possible also using foscam to navigate the robot wirelessly with avm. I wonder the use o this camera are required the use ...
5 years 13 1624
I try to find best solution for robot navigation. Need ideas. [3]
Hey, you may looked into this tutoria: h...
5 years 4 983
AVM Navigator (User Perspective) [2]
Hi EDV, i have created the new topic ,maybe we ll bring the discussion on the principles to here I...
5 years 2 730
AVM [5]
I think this is the good point "If the difference between the coefficients of the input matrix and stored in the AVM matrix by ...
5 years 5 1900
AVM [4]
Algorithm "Associative Video Memory" (AVM) uses a principle of multilevel decomposition of recognition matrices. Inside AVM se...
5 years 5 1900
AVM Navigator variables [5]
How to get the link for demo v 7. Can pls have a direct link. Because aftwr regiatering roborealm, i do nt have te avm navigator...
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