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Code Laboratories Playstation Eye [2]
Hi Steven, I managed to only get a frame rate of 60fps with this camera using the provided module. ...
7 years 4 1306
GPU processing [4]
Steven, Thanks for your response. I was wondering why the FPS was around 8 or less and almost 1seco...
9 years 3 1354
GPU processing [2]
Does RR utilize the GPU co-processor (nvidia or AMD Fusion) or does the OS (windows) handle what is processed by the GPU?...
9 years 3 1354
similar blobs [2]
Hi STeven, Is it possible to have a feature where blobs can be analyzed to search for similar blobs...
8 years 3 1374
similar blobs [4]
It does the search without a reference template. Each blob compares itself to other blobs to find the most similar blob to it wi...
8 years 3 1374
machine emulation [2]
Has anyone tried testing the performance of RR on QEMU emulation (x86 app running on ARM machine)?...
9 years 2 1413
Blob isolation [4]
I managed to do it using VB script....
9 years 3 1466
Blob isolation [3]
I am currently setting a variable and using an if statement to check. The problem with this is that it is done after the blob fi...
9 years 3 1466
Blob isolation [2]
Is it possible to set the minimum blob size relative to its COG_X position. So as COG_X increases, the minimum acceptable blob s...
9 years 3 1466
Embedded PC [6]
Managed to get it to work for now by increasing the virtual RAM (still image detection). I probably need to upgrade to 512MB in ...
8 years 10 1485
Embedded PC [5]
Just to update C drive 485 MB - 61.7MB free Z drive (named MS-RAMDRIVE) 29.5MB
8 years 10 1485
Embedded PC [4]
I got into the administrator profile and managed to install it. It seems to work but when i try to run my program it says "low ...
8 years 10 1485
Embedded PC [2]
I plan to get a XP embedded thin client. How would i execute RR. Since it uses flash memory im not sure if i could "install" R...
8 years 10 1485
Embedded PC [11]
Just to update. It works with 8GB flash drive with XP. However the old VIA chipsets integrated graphics utilizes the cpu causing...
8 years 10 1485
Embedded PC [10]
looks like i need to swap the flash drive with an IDE drive and run Win XP after all....
8 years 10 1485
Embedded PC [9]
Yes you are right. Also does anyone have experience in installing a webcam on an XPe based system. It is not as straight forward...
8 years 10 1485
Embedded PC [7]
Upgraded to 1GB RAM. Works fine now....
8 years 10 1485
Full screen display text [2]
Hi STeven, I would like to use RR to only display between two text status in full screen. I don't ...
7 years 2 1512
Blob reduction [3]
STeven, Excellent. That's exactly what I needed....
7 years 3 1554
Blob reduction
Hi STeven In the image I attached, each blob is represented by at least 3 shades of grey (meaning t...
7 years 3 1554

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