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points within a blob
Hi Steven, I would like to check if 2 points, point A and point B are inside the same blob for exam...
4 years 5 998
Conditional edge detection [4]
Yes that would work. Thanks...
7 years 3 947
Conditional edge detection [2]
Hi STeven, I have a question. For example applying a background removal blacks out some pixels. Ano...
7 years 3 947
Bug in call module
Hi STeven, I think there is a bug in the call module. All the IF statements in the called tab gets ...
6 years 3 882
Bug in call module [3]
OK great....
6 years 3 882
Problematic edge detection [2]
Hi Steven, I notice when i use the sobel edge detection on an image of any object for example a rec...
6 years 2 857
line angle limit
Hi STeven, This module is great as the distance of the line can be limited. Is it also possible to ...
6 years 4 816
line angle limit [4]
OK. Great....
6 years 4 816
line angle limit [2]
Hi STeven, There seems to be a bug in this module. I reduced the distance limit but I am still gett...
6 years 4 816

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