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Showing a specific blob [2]
Hi STeven If i used the blob filter to narrow down the blobs to say 4 blobs and used VBScript to ch...
9 years 13 1634
similar blobs [2]
Hi STeven, Is it possible to have a feature where blobs can be analyzed to search for similar blobs...
9 years 3 1420
speed data [2]
Hi STeven, The NMEA protocal also provides speed data. I dont see this in the GPS reader module. Is...
9 years 13 1931
timed variable [2]
Hi STeven, Is there a limit to the number of timed variables that RR can handle? I noticed that cre...
9 years 3 2548
Tracking an object using AVM
Hi, I programmed RR to loop a video file (avi) and AVM to track an object. I set the variable NV_WR...
8 years 14 2643
Training from an image
Hi, I was wondering if the AVM object recognition mode could be trained using still images instead ...
8 years 3 1969
Trapezium crop [2]
Hi STeven, Is it possible to crop trapezium shapes? As the area gets smaller due to perspective, i ...
9 years 7 2852
variable control feature
Hi STeven, I would like to suggest for the call module to have a variable control feature. For exam...
8 years 3 2074
Variable control for sobel edge detection [2]
Hi Steven, I find the option to adjust the sobel edge detection based on edge strength very useful....
8 years 2 1196

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