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Embedded PC [2]
I plan to get a XP embedded thin client. How would i execute RR. Since it uses flash memory im not sure if i could "install" R...
9 years 10 1550
Full screen display text [2]
Hi STeven, I would like to use RR to only display between two text status in full screen. I don't ...
8 years 2 1579
go to line feature
Hi STeven, I want to process the next blob after determining that the initial selected blob did not...
8 years 4 1707
GPU processing [2]
Does RR utilize the GPU co-processor (nvidia or AMD Fusion) or does the OS (windows) handle what is processed by the GPU?...
10 years 3 1401
importing other robo files into the call module
Hi Steven, It would be interesting if one could import another robo file into a new call tab. This ...
8 years 3 1243
input bounding box data to avm
Hi, Is it possible to send the bounding box data to avm using the vb script module so that the init...
8 years 5 1870
line angle limit
Hi STeven, This module is great as the distance of the line can be limited. Is it also possible to ...
8 years 4 1011
looping another module within VB [2]
Hi STeven, Is it possible to loop another module for example the sample color module within a Do wh...
9 years 3 1653
machine emulation [2]
Has anyone tried testing the performance of RR on QEMU emulation (x86 app running on ARM machine)?...
10 years 2 1461
Minimum count for cluster [2]
STeven, Is it possible to have a minimum count for the number of blobs in a cluster. I.e. if the mi...
9 years 5 1826
Nearest blob
Is it possible to find the nearest blob based on blob perimeter instead of blob COG? ...
8 years 11 1710
Nearest blob to refference line
Hi STeven, As an alternative to the nearest blob to a reference point, is it possible to find the n...
8 years 3 1756
Object strobing [2]
If i strobe an object (at a fixed frequency) in a scene, can roborealm mask out the scene leaving only the area of the strobing ...
10 years 9 2227
points within a blob
Hi Steven, I would like to check if 2 points, point A and point B are inside the same blob for exam...
6 years 5 1221
Problem playing MP4 [2]
Hi Steven, The following playback test was done on a Windows 7 system ...
9 years 2 2293
Problem with version 2.44.21 [2]
I am having problems with this version. It crashes when i run my file. It also crashes when i try to adjust the crop area (on th...
9 years 6 1335
Problematic edge detection [2]
Hi Steven, I notice when i use the sobel edge detection on an image of any object for example a rec...
8 years 2 1045
reading values after time lapse [2]
How do i read a variable (exp COG_X) value at Time = 1second ago and compare this with the current value (Time = current)
10 years 3 2521
Running PowerShell scripts in RR
Hi STeven, Does RR support running the .ps1 file type? It would be interesting to enable RR to mani...
8 years 6 1650
running two robo files simultaneously
Hi STeven, I would like to run two robo files simultaneously. Both robo files are to use the same s...
8 years 3 1903

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