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arduino and webserver and maybe sparkfun wifly [4]
No, no and no.  Sorry for the confusion as that is what i have been for the last few days working with the sparkfun wi...
8 years 3 1879
Arduino Mega New Software version 1.0.1 [2]
Just found out that the Arduino Mega module for RoboRealm is not working with new version of Arduino 1.0.1.
8 years 2 1798
Free version of Roborealm [5]
If you don't pay for the software after 30 days the software will no longer work.  It just won't run as if you had j...
8 years 5 1609
Free version of Roborealm [3]
Go to download page at top and follow instructions.  Enter you email and you will have 30 days for free.  Af...
8 years 5 1609
Wireless Camera Options [2]
To all Roborealm users: I was wondering what success have you had with your wireless cameras. ...
7 years 2 1135
Network Camera [3]
You don't need the camera type, leave that blank.  Just the URL.  If you have Mozilla firefox you can get t...
7 years 2 1101
Mega Module missing DLL after newest download [2]
I have an arduino mega 1280, after i installed the latest version 2.47.9 it says now that i am missing the module may be missing...
8 years 2 1097
Blob Recognition, Image Compare, or Feature? [3]
I've used it for years, yes the software will work you will just need to play with the settings.  Try the trial, follo...
4 years 4 927
Why the change?
STeven, Price change? Ive taken a long while since last post. I'm stil...
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