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Multiple RR instances in API [14]
Hi STeven, Thanks for your time. I have updated the API and changed th...
9 years 14 2219
Multiple RR instances in API [12]
The only reason I need to run two RR instances using single C program is that one RR instance observes and samples. This is then...
9 years 14 2219
Multiple RR instances in API [7]
Hey guys, I've tried to run multiple instances of RR using C++ API in many different ways, also th...
9 years 14 2219
Multiple RR instances in API [4]
Hi John, How can I specify another port for the other instance. I change the API Server port from 6...
9 years 14 2219
Multiple RR instances in API [2]
I would like to run two instances of RR using my API software. Is it possible? At the moment I use API and an RR program to extr...
9 years 14 2219
Mouse module [5]
I have tried it. It almost does what I was after. I would like to use it as an odometer, detecting ...
8 years 5 1947
Mouse module [4]
Thanks STeven, It sounds like what I need. I'll try it out. Nemanya...
8 years 5 1947
Mouse module [2]
I would like to use the mouse to track the motion of the surface below it. The idea is to continualy acquire the mouse position....
8 years 5 1947
Timer values
I would like to know the time between the two event's (e.g. mouse clicks). Is there a feature like 'Timer' available from whe...
10 years 2 1803
Blob selection with mouse [3]
That sounds exactly like what I was trying to do. I havent's checked it out yet, but it sounds great.
10 years 4 1771
Blob selection with mouse
Hi, I would like to track a blob on the screen. But I would like to choose which of the blobs to tr...
10 years 4 1771
ActiveX interface to RR [4]
I'm having a bit of trouble with the ActiveX control. I can't find the RR application ID or anything about RR and ActiveX. The...
9 years 7 1754
ActiveX interface to RR [3]
Hi Steven, Yes, I have previously use ActiveX to control a number of applications through MATLAB, a...
9 years 7 1754
ActiveX interface to RR
Hi, Is there a way of using ActiveX control for RR? I've done it for a number of applications, but...
9 years 7 1754
Color in the lines [3]
I am trying to use GetImage() API function in C++ to extract RBG values at specific coordinates. The coordinates i can get using...
8 years 3 1704
Color in the lines [2]
Attached is the image of three lines. Each line has a slightly varying color. Is it possible for me to get some color informatio...
8 years 3 1704
Two cameras - crash the system
Hi, I'm using two cameras, but when I turn the RR program off, the entire computer restarts and go...
10 years 3 1642
Two cameras - crash the system [3]
STeven, Only when I am exiting the application (cross in the right top corner). The same problem oc...
10 years 3 1642
Lock-in style image processing [3]
Steven, I have managed to implement the lock-in technique. I am modulating an LED array through the...
10 years 4 1588
Lock-in style image processing
Hi, I am trying to do lock-in style image processing so to overcome variations in the background li...
10 years 4 1588

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