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Control of electron-multiplying gain in EMCCD cameras
An Electron-Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) uses an electron multiplying structure built into the sensor to obtain high sensitivity in l...
11 years 1 1024
How do I write_Images every n seconds [2]
I can use Write_Images to record every frame as a separate image, but I have a camera that integrates over time up to 10sec so t...
10 years 2 938
Darkfield Subtraction
OK, now I want to go even further :-) and reduce the vertical striations that are due I suppose to the structure of the C...
12 years 2 2008
Where is the hot pixel filter (salt&pepper) ?
CCD's show "dark current" noise with longer exposures when warm, which shows up as isolated bright "hot pixels". In low lig...
11 years 6 2132
Where is the hot pixel filter (salt&pepper) ? [7]
That was quick work STeven. Thanks. Your documentation is also very clear and precise. A couple of comments. First a trivial one...
11 years 6 2132
Where is the hot pixel filter (salt&pepper) ? [5]
Sorry, I hit the wrong button and posted my "Hot pixel" GIFs under Unknown Title. Here they are again for those following this...
11 years 6 2132
Where is the hot pixel filter (salt&pepper) ? [4]
Thanks STeven. Actually I am not looking at stars, but at much more diffuse blobs in a neutron diffraction pattern, so that will...
11 years 6 2132
Where is the hot pixel filter (salt&pepper) ? [2]
Here are a couple of examples of hot pixel background patterns from long exposures with completely different cameras, an EMCCD a...
11 years 6 2132
Re:Normalization Fixed [8]
That's it STeven ! With approx. the same test scene as before I  now get the following for 40-30 normalisation...
12 years 8 3792
Re: Integrate Module Updated [6]
Good work STeven. I downloaded the new version and tested it with my low-light Philips WebCam SPC-900NC. It now resets when you ...
12 years 8 3792
Low-light integration and bright pixels [3]
Thanks Steven. First let me show what I am trying to do. I have a camera that integrates electronically (Watec WAT-120N) and am ...
12 years 8 3792
Low-light integration and bright pixels
Image integration under low-light conditions with uncooled CCD's produces a few very bright (noisy) pixels (example). Bu...
12 years 8 3792
Binning pixels to increase signal [8]
Thanks for confirming that STeven. Square binning is indeed generally sufficient for binning to improve images with faint featur...
10 years 9 2442
Binning pixels to increase signal [6]
I took a while to find an example that other people could try, and finally it did not seem as useful as I had expected, though i...
10 years 9 2442
Binning pixels to increase signal [9]
...And of course you can also do 1D-binning using the scale model in RoboRealm. Sorry, I didn't look at your Scale module caref...
10 years 9 2442
rotate and mosaic [3]
Dgephri wrote: Can we get a Rotate function for each camera in the near future, or is that too low on the list?
10 years 13 1509
Perspective, Barrel, Pincushion corrections [4]
STeven, I've discovered that you have just implemented Perspective, Barrel and Pincushion corrections. Perspective correction w...
10 years 13 6523
Picture Distortion [3]
Yes a manual transform would be fine STeven. My camera is mounted in a box with fixed geometry, so once I adjust the correction ...
10 years 13 6523
rotate and mosaic [14]
That works!!!! It is a bit of a fiddle, but it does tile the second camera on a translated image of the first. I had to use a Ma...
10 years 13 1509
Pincushion/Barrel/Perspective Distortion Correction
Roborealm's Transforms are very useful, but there are a couple that are apparently not possible - corrections for Barrel and Pi...
10 years 13 6523

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