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Perl API example [2]
Hey guys,    Has anyone done some api interfacing with perl, would you mind showing it to...
8 years 3 1058
Object recognition templates share [2]
Hey guys,     Does anyone have a large collection of object recognition templat...
8 years 1 993
Listen module with language pack [2]
I know that the listen module uses ms's SDK and that it comes with japanese and chinese lang packs. What I want to know is if i...
8 years 3 1690
How can a moving cam objectively determine others movements? [2]
I'm still new to roborealm but I've been wondering for a while. if i have a camera put on a rotating servo, and rotate the ser...
8 years 1 839
Automatically image learning [2]
Hi guys,   I want to build a robot capable of recognizing objects in its surrounding. I s...
8 years 14 2839
Perl API example [4]
its just that i know perl best and I dont like C++ or Java. I also don't know python so I figured it would be easier to just us...
8 years 3 1058
Listen module with language pack [4]
I'm not familiar with the SDK at all, which is why I asked in hopes of there being a feature like this. It is too bad that it d...
8 years 3 1690
Automatically image learning [5]
Steven, thanks for clearing that up for me. I was under the assumption that a clean background wasn...
8 years 14 2839
Automatically image learning [7]
Steven,    I don't have any pictures of what I'm trying to do, most of this is all just...
8 years 14 2839
Automatically image learning [9]
Steven,    Thank you for the help. I would prefer to not be limited to the same area in t...
8 years 14 2839
Automatically image learning [10]
I've been doing some more searching and it seems like there are various algorithms out there for depth perception using a singl...
8 years 14 2839