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time module [2]
hi! RR havnt a a time module! it show time  of ruuning commands,but it can not show time o...
10 years 4 2401
kiosk mode using API [2]
is there any way to access RR options using API module? i want to enable kiosk mode using API. how c...
10 years 2 1081
Waiting for a new image [3]
hi! i think a frame count variable is a good aidea for implement this function. but i can not find f...
10 years 3 1230
Waiting for a new image [2]
hi! in roborealm API functions,the function "Waiting for a new image" have not any timeout variable.
10 years 3 1230
triangle direction [5]
thanks for your help! can i ask whats the algorithm? i khnow moments can give me direction but how c...
10 years 5 3531
triangle direction [2]
hi! how can i find a triangle direction using RR? ...
10 years 5 3531
ANGLE array [4]
10 years 4 1754
ANGLE array
.robo file! i forgot it! :D...
10 years 4 1754
ANGLE array
thanks steven for your answer! i think there is a problem! see this .robo file,reload the vbscript,u...
10 years 4 1754
ANGLE array [2]
hi! i have a problem in accessing 'ANGLE' array! i have 5 triangles in my image and i want to extr...
10 years 4 1754
ANGLE array [5]
sorry! i checked the new version of RR! the angle array problem is solved! thanks stev...
10 years 4 1754
Labview [4]
hi! I think than i can help u! that vi,write RR commands and get RR response. u can sc...
10 years 4 1272
Roborealm and MATLAB [12]
hi! i could connect matlab to rr! i will upload this mfile in this forum. the full hel...
11 years 14 9046
Roborealm and MATLAB [13]
hi! the file of pervios post is here! download and follow pervious post! have fun!...
11 years 14 9046

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