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Object Recognition and Tracking with AVM Navigator [5]
Now additional training from JPG images is possible only by hand with helping “Load image” and “Scale image” modules. You should...
5 years 10 1753
Face tracking [13]
What about AVM? See face tracking example: ...
6 years 12 3141
Object tracking [3]
I added “Learn from motion” option to “Object recognition” mode and you should download RoboRealm package with new AVM Navigator...
5 years 13 3334
Object tracking [6]
It is a testing of the enhanced tracking algorithm that takes into consideration variable servo speed: ...
5 years 13 3334
Object tracking [5]
Here is complete solution of object tracking: ...
5 years 13 3334
Object tracking [10]
The good contrast of movable object on the general background and also size of motion area that commensurable with key image siz...
5 years 13 3334
Object tracking [7]
>> I've had a 'fiddle' with AVM navigator and managed to teach it a few objects/faces, but not the first idea how to tu...
5 years 13 3334
Object tracking [8]
Bmw318be>> Hi, but how to do the localization in pan and tilt if I want to use pan rotation to do the localization in the ...
5 years 13 3334
Face recognition progress [6]
And what about AVM? It is already working: ht...
5 years 14 5099
Tracking an object using AVM [4]
Every switching of variable NV_WR_OBJ_IDX from -1 to 0 just add new image to AVM search tree and previously stored images (that ...
4 years 14 1534
Tracking an object using AVM [2]
NV_WR_OBJ_IDX - the object index for writing This variable provides single writing (one picture) t...
4 years 14 1534
Automatically image learning [3]
The AVM Navigator makes easy a training process on new images: ...
6 years 14 2137
Tracking an object using AVM [12]
It's interestingly. And can you show some results (demo video, pictures etc)?...
4 years 14 1534
Tracking an object using AVM [9]
You should set variable NV_REMOVE_IDX to zero only one time (single shot) for clearing of the recognition data that was associat...
4 years 14 1534
Face recognition progress [7]
See also topic: http://www.roborealm.com/
5 years 14 5099
Face recognition progress [14]
It is easy. You should just use "Object recognition mode" in AVM Navigator module. First clear the AVM search tr...
5 years 14 5099
Tracking an object using AVM [6]
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.5.1 from your account link.
4 years 14 1534
Spykee arrow key control [8]
Okay, can you manually check values for motor control of Erector Spykee? Which values should be set...
3 years 15 888
Spykee arrow key control [6]
No, sorry, I don't have time for it. But I can try to help you in this thread....
3 years 15 888
Eye Tracking [15]
I think you should use VBScript program like this: ' Get turret control variables tu...
6 years 15 3013

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