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New Object Recognition Module [3]
STeven, How does this differ from the AVM module?...
7 years 5 2945
Arduino module? [2]
Downloaded 2.24.0. Where is the Arduino module and what does it do? Thanks for such a great product and support! <...
7 years 8 3137
Underwater ROV serial communication and other questions [5]
Andrew, You are most welcome. Brushless motors are great for speed, but lack in touque unless adpted...
6 years 5 3263
Underwater ROV serial communication and other questions [3]
Andrew, This may not be the best forum for your ROV questions. Roborealm is more for computer vision-based applica...
6 years 5 3263
Using the new GPS module [3]
I have not used the GPS module in RR. However, my experience with digital compass (HB-55) from Parallax inc. suggests that you n...
7 years 8 3330
GardenBot [5]
Steven, Thanks! I do have a pan/tilt on the camera. When the Pan is past the deadband...
6 years 4 3451
GardenBot [2]
One of my many projects is a robot I call “The GardenBot”.  I’m building this for my wife, Carol to work around the ya...
6 years 4 3451
Leg bone fracture detection using x-ray images [16]
What "free software" did you use for edge detection? Do you have the raw data file of the image?...
7 years 23 9732
Now AVM is working faster [3]
That is GREAT! Thanks for your hard work! I look forward to testing it. DM...
6 years 117 12997

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