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Speak Module repeats itself... [4]
I have downloaded the latest version but mine still keeps repeating itself. What can i do?...
7 years 9 3185
Speak Module repeats itself... [6]
I used this code. Second post. ...
7 years 9 3185
Face recognition progress [9]
Have a look at AVM navigator. It contains object recognition. Asswel as full visual navigation....
6 years 14 6673
Gps heading replacing with compass? [2]
I have a usb navilock gps receiver connected to roborealm. As far as i know the gps reader is fully equiped to make my bot drive...
7 years 5 2082
Parallax Propeller P8X32 chip serial interface .spin code. [2]
I have a parallax robot control board wich holds the P8X32 chip. It is used very much allthough no-one seems to kn...
7 years 24 5093
Road or path detection [2]
My robot will use gps to drive to a certain location. Now i want it to recognize roads and paths/sidewalks. So that he doesn't ...
7 years 2 2182
Robot arm control and inverse kinematics [2]
Is there a way (or module) that i can use to drive a robot arm? It is a 3dof arm. So a coxa servo ( that one is easy since it on...
7 years 1 1385
RR Webserver. How to use the commands/buttons? [2]
I have read the documentation of the webserver. But there only seems to be info about the video stream.
7 years 5 1401

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