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Multiple camera problems [3]
I've just tried with the cameras in separate hubs, and location-switching is working now - maybe some sort of usb address issue...
8 years 15 4066
Multiple camera problems [5]
Cheers. I've got a couple of other questions - firstly i've had a couple of crashes - usually doing silly things, is knowing w...
8 years 15 4066
Multiple camera problems [7]
The crash is using the Edge Probe tool - i wanted it to scan a horizontal path based on variables returned by a VBScript block, ...
8 years 15 4066
Multiple camera problems [8]
Just read the fiducials tutorial properly, and seen where i'm going wrong - the crash is odd but doesn't really matter, my ima...
8 years 15 4066
Multiple camera problems [10]
The script box changes are great, thanks :) The edge probe now only crashes with a few variables that I renamed to...
8 years 15 4066
Multiple camera problems [12]
It works now once after i install, but if i re-train it, it goes back to "Loaded fiducials: 0". I've just got the default fid...
8 years 15 4066
Tracking tennis balls [4]
I'd use an RGB filter for yellow, with a high intensity, then a flood fill with a reasonably high merge minimum size to get nic...
8 years 4 3257
Multiple camera problems [15]
I've gone back to an older version for now for the fiducials and it's working ok for all the default images, but the fiducial ...
8 years 15 4066
Multiple camera problems [16]
I'm getting them in the correct order now - both times i was just using the Write Variable to output the whole FIDUCIALS array ...
8 years 15 4066
Send variables to NXT in real time - use of mailboxes via USB [10]
I did get variables working over USB with my NXT a while back - All variables seem to get passed as strings (except frame count)...
8 years 11 4066
Multi Camera, logitech quickcam pro [7]
Try them in different USB hubs if they're in the same one, i couldn't get 2 generic webcams working if they share a hub. Chain...
8 years 9 2091
Multiple camera problems [2]
I've got 2 identical webcams, that use the Microsoft camera driver on Vista 64. They both work individually in Roborealm (i can...
8 years 15 4066

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