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AVR Navigator [9]
My robot uses a Sabertooth motor controller which can take 6-24 VDC. My motors are 12VDC, so I'm using a 12 lead acid batt.
6 years 8 2379
AVR Navigator [6]
that would work also. Thanks, Dave...
6 years 8 2379
AVR Navigator [4]
Thanks for the quick response. Another suggestion would be to create a variable for center of recognized object, similar to RR'...
6 years 8 2379
AVR Navigator [2]
Does the body inertia setting of the AVM Navigator module ramp the movement variables up and down? I'm worried that giving a si...
6 years 8 2379
Smoothing Data [2]
I'm sending COG_X and COG_BOX_SIZE serially to an arduino to run some motors. I'd like to have a VR script to smooth or do a r...
7 years 7 2010
Oscillations [8]
Steven, Sorry if I simplified too much. As I did with RR's COG_X data, I will have to convert it i...
7 years 7 1377
Oscillations [6]
Steven, Thanks so much! That did it. I've been scratching my head for a few days on that one. It j...
7 years 7 1377
Oscillations [4]
STeven, My screen is 160x120. I've got a VB script that takes the COGX and converts...
7 years 7 1377
Oscillations [2]
I've found a RR script that sends a balls COGX serially to an Arduino controlling a Sabertooth in RC/Microcontroller mode. I'm...
7 years 7 1377
Smoothing Data [8]
STeven, It looks like it's working now. Thanks,
7 years 7 2010
Smoothing Data [6]
STeven, Any luck in recreating my problem? Thanks,
7 years 7 2010
Smoothing Data [5]
STeven, Thanks. Filter Variable seems to be what I'm looking for, but when I place it in my RR fil...
7 years 7 2010
Roborealm purchase [4]
Just got it...thanks. Dave...
7 years 3 856
Roborealm purchase [2]
I just purchased Roborealm from your site. How long does it normally take to receive a download link?
7 years 3 856
Robot vision [2]
Thanks to all who helped me with my robot vision project. It's working quite well and although there's more to be done, it's ...
7 years 2 1002
Camera oscillation [2]
I've got a servo mounted webcam following a blue object. To get a quicker response I set the 'Min Processing FPS' to 30. Now ...
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