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Variables don't change for motors? [2]
I'm trying to get my robot to change motor values via voice command. But its not working. The sabe...
9 years 2 2656
Two COG_X variables from different markers in Python API [2]
Hello everyone! My project NINA is starting to come into fuition, thanks to your help. I do have on...
10 years 3 1388
Speak Module repeats itself... [2]
Hello everyone. I've got my robot to obey voice commands, like "come," "reverse," "stop" etc...
7 years 9 3247
SD84 [2]
To Roborealm staff: I would like to request a feature. I would like Roborealm to be able to communi...
9 years 5 1954
Sabertooth 2X25, motors not responding [2]
I'm not actually sure if this is a bug, but the motors on my robot are not responding. I've connected the Sabertooth 2x25, tur...
9 years 3 2877
Roborealm in win2000. Things to watch out for? [2]
My friend and I have decided to build a computer with some of the hardware and software he has stored, for our robot and run rob...
10 years 2 1435
RoboRealm Crashes immediately upon startup [2]
Hi. I just downloaded the latest version of roborealm, but the very moment I start it, it crashes, with this error message: "Ro...
10 years 3 1159
Progress on Facial Recognition Module [2]
I'd just like to know how the progress for Roborealm's facial recognition module is going. What's been accomplished so far? W...
10 years 8 3934
Lynxmotion Python Control [2]
Is there by chance any python API that I can examine to see how to control servos using the Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller. ...
9 years 2 2645
Lynxmotion loses communication with roborealm [2]
I'm having an issue with the lynxmotion SSC. It's been working for a while, but this evening when I powered up my robot, the l...
9 years 4 2584
Deleting a processing item from pipeline [2]
I'm getting a few things to work in the Python API for my robot. Like, turn the camera off, turn the camera on, and execute a r...
9 years 2 1117
Camera Framerate
Hello, everyone. I have a question concerning the webcam I'm using for my robot. It's a USB webca...
11 years 2 1604
RoboRealm Crashes immediately upon startup [4]
Thanks! It works fine now. I'll keep that technique in mind! Loren...
10 years 3 1159
Two COG_X variables from different markers in Python API [4]
Oh...I didn't know you could do that. Thanks, Steven! I'll try it out....
10 years 3 1388
Sabertooth 2X25, motors not responding [4]
Okay, I got it to work. Here's what I did: I went to Control Pannel &...
9 years 3 2877
SD84 [4]
Apparently, the manufacturer is Devantech Ltd. Here's where they're listed on Applegate:
9 years 5 1954
Lynxmotion loses communication with roborealm [4]
Okay, I checked all the connections, both batteries were fully charged (the battery for logic and the battery for servos). Still...
9 years 4 2584

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