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RoboRealm VCam driver?? [4]
Thanks Steven, The problem is, RoboRealm seem to be using the VCam as well. When i connect my progr...
7 years 5 1761
RoboRealm VCam driver?? [6]
Thanks Steven, I think thats all. I will work my head round the API....
7 years 5 1761
RR API [4]
thanks again STeven, matlab seam not to complain on call to RoboRealm('connect', 'ip_address_of_...
7 years 5 1142
RR API [5]
No edit option?? Thanks again STeven, Matlab seems to complain on cal...
7 years 5 1142
RR API [6]
sorted!  this where to put the ip of the remote machine % connect to RoboRealm (assumes API is on and RR...
7 years 5 1142
Image Processing [4]
Thanks very much STeven, here are the frames (5 pictures 160x120 pixels). The very first on the list is for illus...
7 years 5 1887
Image Processing [6]
This is great! what can i say? THANK YOU! works great!!!...
7 years 5 1887
source code?? [4]
Thanks STeven, Okay, I am using the "Grayscal", "Threshold" and the "Crop" functionin that order for my ima...
7 years 4 2378
Image Processing [2]
Ok! i have a frame captured by my robot (this frame is a road picture of black & white binary pixels).
7 years 5 1887
Problem installing Camera [2]
Hi guys i am new to RobotRealm, is there instruction on how to install camera for window Vista version of Robotrealm?
8 years 2 1035
RoboRealm VCam driver?? [2]
Hi, I am trying to get RoboRealm VCam to work with my java (JMF)program all to no success.
7 years 5 1761
RR API [2]
Hi, I got the rr API working. I am working with matlab and RR on an AI final year project. Currently the API lets you connect to...
7 years 5 1142
source code?? [2]
Hi, i am using roborealm for my final year project and i am expected to explain the process of my image analysis ...
7 years 4 2378

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