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Use YUY2 compression by default [2]
2 questions: Is it possible to force RR to use YUY2 compression by default, instead of other availa...
7 years 2 1126
Tracking tennis balls [2]
I'm trying to track tennis balls in a playing field shown in the attached figures. A robot will move around until the closest t...
7 years 4 2940
Serial Communication [2]
Hello, I have roborealm sending out a 1,2,3, or 4 in a variable 'motor' created in a VBscript. Th...
8 years 2 888
Rotating Image with a variable [2]
I'd like to be able to rotate the image Roborealm receives from by camera by an angle stored in a variable that is continually ...
8 years 2 1878
Tracking tennis balls [3]
Oops...that first picture is completely unrelated. ...
7 years 4 2940

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