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Head Tracking Demo using RoboRealm [7]
I also found this very interesting and went on to read your blog. It appears we are working in similar directions albeit with di...
10 years 10 3331
VC++ API [3]
VC expects all compilation units to use the same precompiled headers by default. If you add stdafx.h to the top of the RR_API.cp...
10 years 9 1300
General Guidance on Design [4]
I experimented last night with the Create module without concern about video processing. If the camera is turned off, since I do...
10 years 19 2831
General Guidance on Design [7]
Hi Patrick, My Fit PC is not as fast as your netbook, only 500 Mhz with an AMD Geode LX800. Specs a...
10 years 19 2831
General Guidance on Design [11]
Patrick, I remember I did have the camera on the Fit PC running RR sometime in the midst of the hol...
10 years 19 2831
iRobot Create Module Problem [3]
I updated to RR 2.14.1. This problem still exists. Here is some more information. From the .robo fi...
10 years 3 2635
General Guidance on Design [18]
This is all interesting information. One additional factor not mentioned is weight. Is there much ...
10 years 19 2831
Head Tracking Demo using RoboRealm [10]
Patrick, I have just been experimenting with the COG example that comes with RR. Glad I stumbled ba...
10 years 10 3331
Wrapper classes for reading variables from RR_API [2]
The forum won't allow uploading C++ files so it gave me an error on my posting, but I see it posted the message without the fil...
10 years 4 1824
RR_API [4]
STeven Downloaded the files and they work well. There was one glitch with the  sscanf_s r...
10 years 3 1529
Using "Eliminate Global Flow" in the Optical_Flow Module [6]
Hi P & PM, Just stumbled on this thread. I started working with optical flow the last couple of day...
10 years 11 4225
Wrapper classes for reading variables from RR_API [4]
STeven, I am fine with the link and the inclusion of the files with the API.
10 years 4 1824
Basic Quesiton on Cameras [4]
I've attached a robo file which is a crude approach to obstacle avoidance for my Create. My real goal for this approach was to ...
10 years 5 1546
Is this the way to go? Obstacle avoidance [4]
If you look back through the last week of messages you'll find 2 or 3 others about this same problem. I know I posted a message...
10 years 8 3637
Basic Quesiton on Cameras [6]
Hi Pi, I've gone back to your web site a couple times on the obstacle avoidance problem. I think I...
10 years 5 1546
Object Recognition Issue [4]
STeven, I just looked at Image Match. It is not discriminating sufficiently to work. The matching n...
8 years 3 1401
Media Reader Crashes RR [4]
A short video attached. I am using Prism Video File Converter to go from my cameras MTS to other fo...
8 years 7 1948
Media Reader Crashes RR [5]
I see the upload makes a generic file name. It is a WMV file that I changed to ROBO since I didn't know if WMV would upload as ...
8 years 7 1948
Media Reader Crashes RR [7]
That was totally dumb on my part. Of course! Here it is. ...
8 years 7 1948
Write AVI Crashes [3]
This one is more of a "Isn't that interesting?" report. A zip file is attached with a robo and two AVI files. ...
7 years 3 1945

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