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API > C++ [2]
Hello.. I want to know how to connect Roborealm with API>C++? I want to create the system when it detect specified pattern it...
9 years 2 1178
Dlink DCS-950 [2]
Hello.. I have camera Dlink DCS-950 and I had try to use DLink-Internet-Camera and Read_HTTP module but one of them  a...
9 years 4 1044
Help using Wireless camera [2]
Hello, I would like to know how can i view my D-Link DCS 2120 through roborealm. I can view at web ...
9 years 6 2387
How i want to interface roborealm with VB.NET [2]
I would like to know, how to detect shape like triangle, rectangle, circle and square? I already tried to detect shape with diff...
10 years 10 3586
how to connect roborealm to c++? [2]
How can I connect wireless to C++ using Roborealm. I'm goona display the view from the wireless camera on the GUI of C++. I hop...
9 years 11 2520
Image detection [2]
I have done treshold type with 4 picture, it can detect every kind of picture but when the camera go to other area sometime it a...
9 years 9 2271

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