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Interfacing Windows Joystick to RoboRealm? [5]
Thanks mate! Do I have to use a COM emulator? I haven't yet received my SLA batteri...
10 years 10 3889
Interfacing Windows Joystick to RoboRealm? [2]
I haven't found anything on this but here is my setup: Motors->Sabertooth 2x25->TTL->USB-...
10 years 10 3889
Interfacing Windows Joystick to RoboRealm? [7]
I know what a USB-TTL cable is, I already made one, and it works, but do I need a COM emulator to use with RoboRealm?...
10 years 10 3889
Green Ball Tracker [5]
alright, but then what about my first question?...
10 years 6 1305
Green Ball Tracker [3]
Also, is there a way to "export" the ball tracker to be used without roborealm. I am trying to use an onboard computer motherb...
10 years 6 1305
Green Ball Tracker [2]
Alright I am sorry for bombarding the forums but I have another question, this time regarding the Green Ball Tracker tutorial. <...
10 years 6 1305
Laser system for Boe Bot [3]
I don't think you want to use RoboRealm for such a task, as it would be much easier to implement simply with a micrcontroller. ...
10 years 5 1218
Increasing Camera FPS? [2]
Hello, I purchased a Dynex Desktop Web Camera, and the product description said it was 30fps, howev...
10 years 3 1221
Reccommended Cameras? [2]
I need a relatively fast camera, it can be RCA input or USB, but it needs to have high fps, under $50, and medium resolution. I ...
10 years 3 1114
Increasing Camera FPS? [3]
RoboRealm says it is running at only 6fps max...
10 years 3 1221
Implementation of Sabertooth -> Color Following [2]
Hello there, this is quite a magnificent program but I have a couple questions: I read the tutorial...
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