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Stereo Vision for localization [4]
Thanks for the reply.  What specs should I look for that might tell me how the camera might perform under sunlight?&nb...
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Stereo Vision for localization [6]
I don't have anything in mind.  Just wondering if anybody had experience with it. All i want camera to do is help det...
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Stereo Vision for localization
Ok, here are the pictures of my back yard.  I live on a half acre. The robot in its current state is th...
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No Title
Ok, trying image thing again.   [Image1] Robot on hill.  Wheelchair chassis.
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Laptop on Robot [2]
Asus makes a $400 pc called EEE 4G that uses a flash card hard disk. It has 512 mb of ram but only 800 mhz cpu.
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Stereo Vision for localization [2]
I plan to build an outdoor robot.  Want to use stereo vision for Localization using triangulation.   &n...
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