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RoboRealm DLL problems. [4]
ok running it as admin worked, thanks....
10 years 3 971
RoboRealm DLL problems. [2]
Hi, I'm getting a message saying that RoboRealm can't find "scriptsite.dll, try placeing it in the system32 folder or were th...
10 years 3 971
roborealm Make Controller Module [7]
So far I've got nothing, I tried both of those but I couldn't get anything. I could be doing something wrong, I'll keep tryin...
9 years 6 1065
roborealm Make Controller Module [6]
I'm puzzled by that too, even at the home site www.makingthings.com i...
9 years 6 1065
roborealm Make Controller Module [2]
I have a make controller that i would like to use with roborealm. As of right now there is no module for the make controller, me...
9 years 6 1065
OSC controll questions [2]
Hi, I've looked at the other posts about using OSC but I'm still unclear about it. I'm designing a robot that w...
10 years 8 1162
controlling make controller using .net C# [2]
I'm working on building an autonomous rover using the make controller. The idea is to have it roaming around sending data back,...
9 years 2 2317

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