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Running 2 RR instances with different camera feeds [2]
I am trying to run two RR instances connecting to different USB cameras.  How do I select  a specific camera...
9 years 3 1128
Modbus communication [6]
Steven, The modbus slave is working like a charm. I have briefly tested it from a Modicon Momentum PLC and everything worked OK....
10 years 5 1173
USB analog video capture stick [2]
Hi, does anybody know if the Compro VideoMate C200 USB Capture Stick  (http://www.comprousa.com/en/product/c200/c200.h...
9 years 2 1425
Modbus slave problem [2]
Hi Steven, I have been testing the Modbus slave functionality and there seems to be a bug in the works. When I use...
8 years 3 2448

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