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Kinect - Skeleton tracking [2]
Hi, Skeleton tracking is one of the main features that Kinect has to offer, and it would be great i...
6 years 2 1405
Bug in Scaling - Wrong aspect ratio [2]
Hi, I have noticed a bug in the scaling. If I choose "maintain aspect ratio" and slide use the up...
9 years 2 1873
Effects of CPU/Graphic card on performance [3]
oh, and btw, i am using VISTA...
9 years 3 1620
filter variables crash [3]
same problem here, i have noticed that if i use filter variable after the center of gravity, then RR will crash. However, if i u...
9 years 3 1081
Effects of CPU/Graphic card on performance [2]
Hi STeven, I am using RoboRealm and my robo file has about 50-60 lines of code. The problem is that...
9 years 3 1620
Measuring angle of a tag in an image [3]
Hi Dan, Use shape matching. Pranav Trehun...
9 years 3 2883
Bug in Fiducials [2]
Hi Steven, I wish the fiducials module was available an year ago. it would have saved me a lot of t...
9 years 3 2052
creating tracking GUI/Interface [3]
thats what I do :-) roboticsonline@gmail.com
9 years 3 1331
Feature Request - Path Planning Variable [3]
9 years 4 2106
Media Reader [3]
I am also having the same problem with media reader. btw, not all avi formats are supported and i have asked for clarification r...
9 years 4 1695
Cant save changes to .robo files [2]
Hi, I am using RR , i have noticed that if i make changes to an existing .robo file, then t...
9 years 4 1582
Feature Request - Nubotics Wheel Commander [5]
STeven, Thank you for interfacing the WC-132. It is great that you give importance to user feedback...
9 years 4 2968
Feature Request - Path Planning Variable [2]
Hi, I am using path planning for my robot. And i wanted to request a feature that will be of tremon...
9 years 4 2106
Feature Request - Nubotics Wheel Commander [2]
Hi, It is my request that an interface to the Nubotics Wheel Commander WC-132 be please introduced....
9 years 4 2968
Feature Request - Path Planning Variable [5]
STeven, Thank you, you're the best. Robo realm has the best support. I really appreciate it.
9 years 4 2106
Align two pictures [4]
Hi GD, 1) For now, try Auto Threshold with cluster. Alternately, you can also use Contrast.
9 years 6 7673
Vision based PID Control [2]
1)   I am thinking about making soccer playing robots. The vision system gives me about 5.5 FPS due to the demanding c...
9 years 6 3599
Vision based PID Control [4]
the robot will have a max speed of 1 feet per second. and to make matters worse, the area is large and ceiling low, there will b...
9 years 6 3599
Bug in Path Planning [8]
Thank you STeven :-)...
9 years 7 2357
Kalman filter [6]
My vote also goes for Kalman Filter. Blob tracking would be more stable and useful with it. What i...
9 years 7 3604

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