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Thank you for this brilliant tool [2]
I have been working on a PC based robot since I saw the OAP project on the web. Mine uses XP and Java though, although the princ...
10 years 1 1517
Point Cloud Analysis [8]
Thats very nice point data you have there from a home made laser project. Might I ask how much time it uses to "scan" a scene?...
10 years 9 2595
Need some help in orientation [3]
Why do you need the orientation? (assuming you mean the direction of the robot.). If the object you are chasing is in the field ...
10 years 2 868
Distance Variable [3]
You have to be more specific to describe what data you are using and which modules you are using. There is no "magic" distance...
10 years 5 1603
RoboRealm crashing [3]
Yes I also have the same problem on Windows XP. It always crashes when I run flood fill....
10 years 6 1211
Progress on Facial Recognition Module [8]
Have you thought about looking into OpenCV and integrate the face recognizer based on haar features they have there? I think its...
10 years 8 3889
Progress on Facial Recognition Module [3]
And as a side-question. If you got a face rectangle, how hard do you think it would be to distinguish between 3-4 different face...
10 years 8 3889
No Title [4]
It always helps if you could show a picture to know what we are working with here. Assuming the picture of one side of the cube ...
10 years 3 1470
How to detect distance to say a blob or to an edge [5]
RoboRealm does not have any stereo matching algorithm yet, but if you are able to separate the blob you are tracking from the re...
10 years 7 2292
How to detect distance to say a blob or to an edge [3]
Do you mean the distance from the camera on the robot to the blob detected? The only way you can do that with a monoscopic camer...
10 years 7 2292
Multiple RR instances in API [5]
I just tried it, and it does work. Try this: Open RoboRealm. Choose Allow Multiple In...
10 years 14 2433
Multiple RR instances in API [3]
If you look in the options for the API Server in RR you can specify another port for the other instance (you can also pass this ...
10 years 14 2433
Recognize Auto-Signs [5]
Well, the circle detection only works on edge data so you need to run it through the Edges -> Canny filter before the Circle ...
10 years 5 1024
Recognize Auto-Signs [3]
It would help if you could post some sample pictures to see what we are working with here. The immediate thought is that you wou...
10 years 5 1024
No Title [4]
Thanks for the tip on Tesseract. I just tried it out and it works great even on handwritten text. I will add the ability for my ...
10 years 7 2147
Vision for navigation [4]
I have found a couple of good reference points for localisation, and those are windows, doorways and pictures on the wall.
10 years 14 2092
Vision for navigation [3]
I've played around a bit with flood fill, blob separate and blob filter and I think this could be used for general scene inform...
10 years 14 2092
Vision for navigation [2]
I dont know if this is the right forum to ask these questions, but I have been thinking long and hard how I can make my robot au...
10 years 14 2092
Vision for navigation [14]
Just a quick question. I have realised that a blob's smoothness or roughness can be of great interest when distinguishing blobs...
10 years 14 2092
Vision for navigation [13]
Hi Steven and thanks for answering! Yes the Geometry Statistics and Color Statistics were just what...
10 years 14 2092

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