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Kinect [14]
STeven, This may have more to do with my lack of understanding what can be done with marker images....
9 years 17 6879
Kinect [12]
My bad.  Turns out some of the USB ports on my machine don't want to play nice with the Kinect + RR.  I mov...
9 years 17 6879
Kinect [11]
I went ahead and just downloaded 29.1 and no luck.  It crashed every time I launched RR with the Kinect plugged in.
9 years 17 6879
Kinect [10]
Ok, I'll try it, but I'm not sure how to just update a module? Win...
9 years 17 6879
Kinect [8]
Thanks, this worked.  After installing as you described, and a few false starts, it seems to be working now in Win 7, ...
9 years 17 6879
Kinect [6]
Anyone have any luck getting the drivers installed and RR working with the Kinect module in Windows 7?  I'm not getti...
9 years 17 6879
Kinect [17]
Great...thanks STeven and Gunther.  I think this gives me enough to work with.  It's what I needed to know....
9 years 17 6879
Parrot AR Drone [2]
So does anyone know enough about the new AR Drone to talk about whether it will be possible to connect it with RoboRealm? &...
7 years 18 5053
SRV-1b laser control [4]
I'll try the PushButton command...thanks.   I do want to use the range variable, but got...
10 years 7 2937
SRV-1b laser control [2]
Has anyone been using laser control in the SRV-1b module (RR version 2.2.12)?  I created a laser variable and can togg...
10 years 7 2937
NXT Motor Variables [3]
Hmmm...is this similar or in some way related to the problem I've been having? ...
11 years 6 1650
SRV-1 Motor Control [8]
Thanks for investigating this STeven.   Win ...
11 years 7 1619
SRV-1 Motor Control [6]
I gave things a few days and got back to this today.  Rebooted the computer and the SRV-1.  I'm using 1.8.2...
11 years 7 1619
SRV-1 Motor Control [5]
V gives me [V] ##Version - SRV-1 Blackfin - 10:49:01 - Nov 21 2008 (stereo slave)
11 years 7 1619
SRV-1 Motor Control [3]
By the way, this is done using the SRV-1b module. Win ...
11 years 7 1619
SRV-1 Motor Control [2]
I'm trying to control the SRV-1 motors using VB Script and some blob tracking.  I was getting very unpredictable beha...
11 years 7 1619
RR on a MSI N270 Netbook? [3]
I bought an Asus Eee 900HA specifically to use for robotics work.  It's the small form factor Eee with specs similar ...
10 years 3 1387
Stereo Module [2]
Is there any documentation for the Stereo module?  I see the 3D Viewer docs, but nothing for Stereo.  Is it ...
10 years 3 1332
Stereo Module [4]
No, that answers my question.  I recently upgraded my SRV-1 to stereo and was working with the 3D Viewer module, but a...
10 years 3 1332
Can't download .robo example files [4]
Yep...works fine now.  Thanks. Win ...
10 years 3 1248

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