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Where is the vcam driver? [2]
Can someone point me to the download link fort the vcam driver?  I can't seem to locate it.
11 years 4 1170
Stereo Module [2]
Is there any documentation for the Stereo module?  I see the 3D Viewer docs, but nothing for Stereo.  Is it ...
10 years 3 1332
SRV-1b laser control [2]
Has anyone been using laser control in the SRV-1b module (RR version 2.2.12)?  I created a laser variable and can togg...
10 years 7 2937
SRV-1 Motor Control [2]
I'm trying to control the SRV-1 motors using VB Script and some blob tracking.  I was getting very unpredictable beha...
11 years 7 1619
Parrot AR Drone [2]
So does anyone know enough about the new AR Drone to talk about whether it will be possible to connect it with RoboRealm? &...
7 years 18 5053
Obstacle Avoidance Tutorial question [2]
In the obstacle avoidance tutorial, I followed the steps using edge detection, and it worked well, up until the final steps wher...
11 years 5 1187
No video with SRV-1b in XP? [2]
I recently picked up an Eee PC netbook (900HA) running XP.  After loading RoboRealm and loading the SRV-1b module, I g...
11 years 6 1146
Controlling Pioneer robot base with Roborealm? [2]
Hi, Does anyone have experience controlling the Pioneer robot bases with Roborealm?  Spec...
8 years 2 1073
Can't download .robo example files [2]
I can't seem to download the .robo example file for 'chase a red ball'...or other example files-- ...
10 years 3 1248
Where is the vcam driver? [4]
Ok..thanks.  I didn't seem to have to install it...just unzipped into a directory.  What is the name of the...
11 years 4 1170
Obstacle Avoidance Tutorial question [4]
Sure.  The first image is the pipeline displayed through the last math module....a black image with the highest point ...
11 years 5 1187
Obstacle Avoidance Tutorial question [6]
Steven, Very helpful!  I'll give all this a try. Thanks,
11 years 5 1187
SRV-1 Motor Control [3]
By the way, this is done using the SRV-1b module. Win ...
11 years 7 1619
SRV-1 Motor Control [5]
V gives me [V] ##Version - SRV-1 Blackfin - 10:49:01 - Nov 21 2008 (stereo slave)
11 years 7 1619
SRV-1 Motor Control [6]
I gave things a few days and got back to this today.  Rebooted the computer and the SRV-1.  I'm using 1.8.2...
11 years 7 1619
NXT Motor Variables [3]
Hmmm...is this similar or in some way related to the problem I've been having? ...
11 years 6 1650
SRV-1 Motor Control [8]
Thanks for investigating this STeven.   Win ...
11 years 7 1619
No video with SRV-1b in XP? [4]
Yes, thanks, it is checked.  The funny thing is that frames seem to be streaming across very fast, they just don't sh...
11 years 6 1146
No video with SRV-1b in XP? [5]
Here's an update.  On a whim I decided to try an older version of RR on the Eee that I was running on another PC.&nbs...
11 years 6 1146
No video with SRV-1b in XP? [7]
Looks good now...running  Thanks! Win ...
11 years 6 1146

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