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RR API Server : Listing modules [2]
Hi, I'm using the RR Api server and I need to get all the modules' name, a kind of module's list...
10 years 4 897
Blobs ID [2]
Hi, I'm trying for a while to get unique ID for each blob detected by the blob_filter. I tried the...
10 years 1 1512
Blob identification and tracking [2]
Hi, I was wondering how could I give blobs a unique identification (id) so I can track them individ...
10 years 1 1658
OSC communication [15]
Hi, This new osc module ROCKS ! I'm testing it since few days and it seems to be sta...
10 years 16 2714
RR API Server : Listing modules [3]
I forget to notice it but I need to get all the modules for the current and active .robo....
10 years 4 897
RR API Server : Listing modules [5]
Hi STeven, Yesss ! This is exactly what I needed... I'll wait for the next RR release to see it wo...
10 years 4 897
OSC implementation problem [4]
Hi, Thanks, this is what I needed to make roborealm compatible with Flosc... It's really cool !
10 years 3 1222

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