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Binning pixels to increase signal [3]
STeven, binning would mean simply summing the intensities and reducing the number of pixels. Of course when you represent this o...
10 years 9 2521
Binning pixels to increase signal [5]
OK, I'll think more about this STeven. But I am assuming that in a low-light image there will be a certain statistical scatter ...
10 years 9 2521
How to output grey-scale intensity map numbers ? [6]
OK, many thanks for correcting that STeven....
9 years 5 1377
Multiple Processing [4]
STeven, it would be good to give an explicit example of this script that I can upload. I still can't quite get the following to...
9 years 6 2223
Multiple Processing [6]
That's works perfectly STeven. Thanks. But when I try to apply it to two cameras instead of image files it doesn't quite work-...
9 years 6 2223
Binning pixels to increase signal
A module to bin pixels to increase signal at the expense of resolution would be useful. It should be possible to bin different n...
10 years 9 2521
Scale height limited to 960 pixels & zoom [3]
Wow, that was quick. Thanks STeven. RoboRealm manages to provide just about everything you need with great simplicity of use - a...
10 years 3 1177
Scale height limited to 960 pixels & zoom
I want to scale the height of my image by 200% leaving the width at 100% with my camera outputting 720x576 (PAL). I repeatedly g...
10 years 3 1177

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