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Boebot control [2]
I have a connection, however if I try to use any of the controls in robot realm my computer crashes, I am using a bs2sx and have...
6 years 2 719
boe bot serial connection [5]
i tried the new values with no results, i then tried changing the baud rate to 9600 on rr and 16468 in the bs2 program for serin...
7 years 10 2340
boe bot serial connection [2]
i am trying to get robot relm to control the boe bot through the usb connection i changed the rx to a value of 16 and i cant see...
7 years 10 2340
nav question [5]
thats really cool, thanks. ...
8 years 4 1347
nav question [2]
im trying to show the camera an object and have it speak the name of the object but i cant seem to get it to work correctly can ...
8 years 4 1347