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Was wondering if there is a way to log all "IP" addrsses that cinnect to the server when running. Nicer still would be if it s...
11 years 2 1094
Logitech Orbit [2]
Hi!  I haven't used RoboRealm now for a while and decided to update the software After doing this and try running Rob...
10 years 2 1137
Suggestion to FTP uploading. [2]
Hi STeven! I think it would be a good idea (if it's not already there and I missed it), if wheneve...
11 years 1 1176
FTPing [4]
Hi STeven, Bad new's, still no go. Everytime I try one of the newer version's I lose control of t...
11 years 3 1473
FTPing [2]
Hi STeven, Was wondeing how you made out on the FTP feature of RoboRealm? I just don't want to ins...
11 years 3 1473
Password [4]
Hi STeven! I'm still using IE 6. The only thing that I have updated since the password did work wa...
11 years 8 1520
Password [2]
Was wonder if there is a bug in the newer versions of RoboRealm or is it something else on my end.  Before (on an olde...
11 years 8 1520
Password [8]
Hi STeven! I downloaded the latest verson and replaced all files including the index.html file. Eve...
11 years 8 1520
Password [5]
After posting the last message I tried something different with no luck. I did notice though that the "controls" work when acc...
11 years 8 1520
Anyone Else Using Logitech Orbit MP With RoboRealm?
I was wondering if anyone else has been tinkering around with RoboRealm and the Logitech Orbit MP? Any one who is interested in ...
11 years 2 1603
Student License [3]
Yeah, to expensive for my pockets when your on disability and use it just to run a webcam. Maybe they should come out with a lim...
10 years 3 1644
No Title [2]
Hi STeven & NairB I was at NairB's cam just a little bit ago and still the same thing .42 fps, 30K...
11 years 1 1712
No Title [2]
I just installed the latest version again trying to get a little more fps out of it by trying to adjust the "quality" from bes...
11 years 1 1720
Logitech Orbit MP [6]
Hi STeven! My lunch consisted of coffee sand a smoke. LOL!!!  &nb...
11 years 9 1758
Logitech Orbit MP [4]
Hi Steven!     And here I thought I was just being ignored! Hahaha... &nbs...
11 years 9 1758
Logitech Orbit MP [2]
Just wanted to let you know I think I have things running now, if actually correct I'm not sure. I did change a few values in a...
11 years 9 1758
Logitech Orbit MP [8]
Hi STeven!     Just wanted to let you know I got the webpage loading without an...
11 years 9 1758
Logitech Orbit MP [7]
Hi STeven!     After doing a lot of messing, drinking a lot off coffee, and hav...
11 years 9 1758
Logitech Orbit MP
I just ran across RoboRealm after looking for about a year for something like this. I tried a few webcam programs to control the...
11 years 9 1758
No Title [2]
Sorry..... this should have been posted under "Strange findings, any suggestions what to look for?"
11 years 2 1858

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