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Socket Server
Hi Steven. I tried to connect my PIC32 (Via Ethernet Controller) with RR using socket server. I managed to get the...
8 year 15 3464
Socket Client data to Variable
STeven, I'm successfully getting TCP data sent to me from a radar device. Data looks like this and updates at 1 Hz...
8 year 8 3715
TCP socket not receiving all the data
I'm sending a series of points from a Raspberry pi over a TCP socket. I have confirmed with putty that the receiving computer is...
9 year 2 1837
Socket Comminications
Hi STeven, Having some issues trying to communicate to RR via sockets.  I have a new RR s...
10 year 3 1974
RoboRealm Socket [2]
Is there a socket interface to connect 2 copies of RoboRealm together? I was wanting to use the Joystick functiona...
13 year 2 2013
Set Variable using socket program [2]
hi i have created one variable in by program named "calibrate" when i retrieve the value using socket program ( i am using thi...
14 year 4 3472
Wall socket detection and data. [2]
Hi, This is a rather general question. I need some software that is capable of detecting a UK 3pin wall socket and...
14 year 2 2185
Socket extension: protocol for arrays [2]
I need to send the BLOBS and the MER_COORDINATES array to a robot via socket extension, but I don't know how the arrays are sen...
14 year 8 1815
java socket programming [2]
iam creating a java gui to control my robot according to the readings taken by roborealm.. my probl...
15 year 5 2914
socket console printing : "test" [2]
hi i have run the C# socket code and the returning value(that printed on console) is :
16 year 4 1900
socket code problem [2]
Hi i'm trying to run the CSharp extensions and i get an error message on Ln 253 : server.Bind(ipEnd...
16 year 3 2343
Hi, I'm new on RR, and actually i'm new on programming stuffs! I would like to use the Socket mod to connect RR ...
17 year 7 2091
not sending the image pixels through the socket
hi, is there a possibility to send only selected variables through the socket? since in some cases ...
17 year 2 2227
Socket problem with Moment Statistics
Dear STeven   I tried connecting the socket with C#. But the socket connection keeps conn...
17 year 5 2969
Java Socket Programming with Hough_lines
How do I make sense of the data that I get from the variable HOUGH_LINES in Java? I'm using sockets and I get a 1024 value byte...
17 year 4 3498
Java socket
I'm trying to get RR to work with Java. I've done all the necessary code to get the socket connected and it is working fine. ...
17 year 3 4903
X Position
Hello, I have a project where I am identifying objects on a conveyor based on size and geometry. I ...
3 year 1 2423
more documentation of DLL interface [2]
Arsham, Are you sure you want to develop a DLL plugin? That's very rare. Most actually use the API ...
5 year 4 1969
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation [4]
STeven, thank you very much for that excellent and detailed response.  That is extremely...
6 year 8 2816
XML/Sockets API - Questions for a node.js / Javascript interface implementation
Some new questions surfaced as I'm working to update the node.js interface I wrote which allows my code to interact with RoboRea...
6 year 8 2816

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