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RoboRio Port Info
Hi STeven, Here is information on the ports used by the roboRio, using the HTTP_read with a USB cam...
4 years 26 10302
Camera from roborio
Does anyone know how to get a camera feed into roborealm from the usb camera that is attached to the frc roborio? I can get the ...
3 years 9 1718
RoboRealm Network Tables
We're having trouble receiving the data on Network_Tables in our c++ program.  TableViewer doesn't appear to be part o...
4 years 11 1450
only save images when commanded over network?
We have a good pipeline for our FRC robot, but we don't know how it will hold up in competition. On...
2 years 3 540
NetworkTables unstable
We're working on getting up to speed on RoboRealm in the offseason. It's really good, but we're having a little problem with the...
3 years 3 1074
FRC Camera Client Receives Error When Sending Parameters
We're having trouble getting the RoboRIO to send the camera image to RoboRealm. It worked fine last year, but for whatever reaso...
2 years 8 1053
External camera feed
Hi STeven, Was not able to continue from the previous post as it does not show in the forums. ...
4 years 2 1193
Error Message connecting to SmartDashboard
I have a problem where I am getting the error message shown in the attached image. Do you know what this error is? If you do how...
2 years 2 745
External camera feed [2]
Pete, I think you are on the right track. The HTTP_read would not show the USB Microsoft camera sin...
4 years 2 1193
RoboRealm Network Tables [2]
Donnie, If TableViewer is not compatible with RoboRio then the NetworkTables module will not be eit...
4 years 11 1450
RoboRealm Network Tables [3]
I don't think compatibility is the issue, I think some setting somewhere is the problem.  I've not seen anyone else wi...
4 years 11 1450
RoboRealm Network Tables [4]
Ok, when you say out of the RoboRio do you mean from the RoboRio to RR or from the RoboRio to your C++ app?
4 years 11 1450
RoboRealm Network Tables [5]
not sure how to check the version, but I believe we've downloaded the latest recently. Eclipse, using C++, doesn'...
4 years 11 1450
RoboRealm Network Tables [8]
I don't mean to be arrogant but that's what TableViewer is used for and why I mentioned it before. Do you need some instructions...
4 years 11 1450
RoboRealm Network Tables [9]
That's what I was looking for.  With RoboRio, the TableViewer software wasn't available.  Thanks for providi...
4 years 11 1450
RoboRealm Network Tables [11]
We solved the problem by reformatting our roboRio.  As soon as we did that, RoboRealm AND LabView AND SmartDashboard s...
4 years 11 1450
NetworkTables unstable [2]
Doug, Were you ever able to figure this one out? Its possible that the OutlineViewer also connects ...
3 years 3 1074
NetworkTables unstable [3]
I don't remember what we had to do to get things going again; we gave up on the network tables and just had RoboRealm format the...
3 years 3 1074
Slamtec RPLidar implementation [2]
Gabe, As you mentioned in your email, it looks like the protocol is slightly different. We can look...
3 years 2 885
FRC Camera Client Receives Error When Sending Parameters [2]
Michael, You are not the first to mention this (there have been 3 other teams) and the conclusion w...
2 years 8 1053

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