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8051 development board
Hi, anyone please tell me the cheaper price of 8051 development board from this site ...
3 years 1 632
Low-light integration and bright pixels
Image integration under low-light conditions with uncooled CCD's produces a few very bright (noisy) pixels (exam...
12 years 8 3880
I run "rr.execute "<head><version>1.50</version></head><RGB_Filter><min_value>40</min_...
7 years 2 1210
A good idea to implement
Hi STeven, I just wanted to tell you a good idea that I just had about Roborealm and its usage.
10 years 5 1259
A question about the LAB_Channel module
Hello, I need to use the L, a and b values from the LAB_Channel module as inputs to an artificial n...
8 years 3 2044
A simple question in a previous VBScript sample
Hi, there! I'm a member of the FRC team 5515, Blue Power, which is also a group from Shanghai, China. So this year we're trying ...
2 years 2 1005
A thermostat by computer vision...
Hello, Using a WebCam and RoboRealm I'm trying to create a thermostat.
10 years 3 1421
A tip to using GPU to increase FPS
Hi all, after some time spend on learning how to use my Nvidia GPU for cranking passwords and help whit ...
9 years 2 1773
ABB mint
been playing with a abb nextmove e100 there pretty cool trying to get roborealm to talk to it, not sure were to start. it has Et...
1 year 3 638
Steven, any chance soon having a module for the arduino board looks kinda simple since SOR AXON board is close to...
7 years 5 3063
about a new module
Steven do you when you will be able to have the EZ-ROBOT board interface for roborealm...
6 years 3 854
about a new module
Steven have you look at DJSURES EZ-ROBOT to interface with roborealm ,boards look good with wireless web camera ,voice recogniti...
6 years 3 981
About API + C++
For the time been, i have success to show live video at GUI through Roborealm and detect several unique pattern that i have alre...
9 years 9 2161
about controlling logitech orbit
hi all. i have already tried an example code which allows me step-wise pan/tilt only. is th...
11 years 1 1582
about grabbing images from within the script..
hello, to make things short, im fiddeling with this great piece of software, but i cant get...
11 years 5 1643
about the I2C bus on the serializer board
Steven what variables are they on the I2C bus to read from mostly TPA81 and how do i write them...
8 years 10 5170
about the RPLIDAR
will it work with the neato lidar since its almost the same one or will you make a interface for it...
4 years 4 1236
about the sparkfun arduino board
about the sparkfun uno arduino board,i have 2 questions about it ,will the code work for the new version with UNO R3 IT USES THE...
6 years 5 1408
about using many modules
looking at using a few modules and making robo files how do  i use like follow red object,then irobot ro...
7 years 4 1690
about using the mcu communicator
looking to use the communicator for a atmel AT91SAM9XE128-QU its the one on NEATO XV -11 robot to control on-board...
7 years 6 3350

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