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Refreshing notepad
Hello, I am storing the variables( cog and angle) in a seperate notepad using vb program. I...
13 years 2 1360
webcam and rcx
i have a ris 1.5 kit . whjch doesnt have a camera in it. it says in the manual that a ordinary webcam can be used. can a...
13 years 2 1609
No Title
Hi there Is there any way to get the AVI Write Module to start automatically? I would like...
13 years 2 1861
No Title
Hi STeven, Just one other small question, if we want the robots to follow the path indefini...
13 years 2 1866
vision command system
is vision command system compatible wit rcx 1.0. if so how do i go about purchasing the same. since in india there are n...
13 years 2 2144
GUI Problems
13 years 2 1443
ImagingSource Firewire Modules
Hi, I see you actually now have a module specifically for dealing with Firewire cameras from the ImagingSource.
13 years 2 1601
Cropping and COG -  Line following
Hi there STeven, Me again :) I just wanted to point out that...
13 years 2 1206
Endurance R/C 8/16 servo controller plugin
Anybody using one of this controller, or has any code to share.  I am new to the code writing.  Than...
13 years 2 1153
connect to matlab
how can i send data to matlab or labview via roborealm? how can i use a DAQ in rr?...
13 years 2 1148
Motion tracking webcam...
I have a canon VC-C3 webcam and am wondering if anyone can or has done any human tracking with roborelm... I am mainly l...
13 years 2 2721
New path planning module
Hi, the new path planning module is looking really good, but i've come across a couple of...
13 years 2 1115
Newb Question
I am new to RR and want to setup a simple test ... Have been able to get my WebCam to work with RR ... so at this point...
13 years 2 1208
Search for Matlab
Sir, I want to access a .robo file ( ie execute that file in roborealm) by just pushing a pushbutton in MATLAB GUI......
13 years 2 1283
images and database
hi i am currently using RR to process a video and RR is to save some of the relevant images.
13 years 2 1057
Hi I'm using the sample line module which creates a variable titled SAMPLE_LINE_POINTS.  ...
13 years 2 1112
Changing a tutorial file crashes roborealm
Hi STeven, I've just been trying to change the filter in the program given in this post from a yel...
13 years 2 1114
Hi, while using RR API of by any language like VC++ or java, i am getting following error-
13 years 2 1170
Microphone from the webcam
Is there anyway to activate the microphone on the webcam and listen ? I am using a Philips spc100nc.
13 years 2 1168
Feed a video file into roborealm?
Is there a way to feed a video into roborealm the same way that you can load an image into roborealm? This would be very useful...
13 years 2 1283

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